Windows Step by Step: How to Install Windows 7 Home Premium OEM

Windows Step by Step: How to Install Windows 7 Home Premium OEM

How to perform a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium OEM, step by step. This version of Windows is available online from various computer retailers. Pers…
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  1. I’m not a lawyer, so don’t take this as legal advice. According to the OEM
    System Builder License, ” ‘System Builder’ means an original equipment
    manufacturer, an assembler, a refurbisher, or a software preinstaller that
    sells the Customer System(s) to a third party.” From that, it seems that
    there is a galaxy-sized loophole in that agreement. It seems like you can
    just have a friend build the PC and sell it back to you for a penny. Once
    again, don’t take that as legal advice, but that’s what it seems like. I am
    not liable for any trouble and/or lawsuits you may find yourself in.

  2. Ummm…….it’s illegal for individuals to install Windows 7 OEM, unless
    you’re a PC builder installing this on a PC that you are then selling to
    someone else. People building their own PC for themselves must buy the
    full version….NOT OEM!

  3. Thanks for this video… My computer came with Windows 7 OEM version. I am
    wanting to upgrade to a larger 2 or 3 TB Hard drive…. will I be able to
    do this and re-enter my windows 7 OEM version license key if I do this?

  4. Enjoyed how this was a long rant about windows.

  5. can i install this on my computer if it already has windows vista home

  6. thanks joe, after sending my pc to the shop to get refomatted, for many of
    years, i no longer need to do that after watching this video,Cheers mate


    I currently have windows vista 32 bit installed and i want to install
    Windows 7 64 bit OEM. Is that possible?

  8. I am a Linux person too, however my new gaming computer has a GPU card that
    is not tested and suported yet, so I will install windows 7 intil the
    Ubuntu teams has done their job XD

  9. Does it have Windows Movie Maker?

  10. Question. I am replacing the hard drive in a new Win.7 laptop with a blank
    1T HGST. I am also upgrading to Win. 7 Ultimate. Will the computer start
    and find the DVD drive if I press F12 at startup? Or would I be better off
    to put the HDD in a case and load Windows by USB connection? Thanks for
    your video!
    I agree w/you about Win. 8…I’ve returned 3 laptops with Win 8.

  11. Joe thank you for this video! It’s interesting you say you’re a Linux
    person! I just made my very first install of Zorin-OS just a couple days
    ago. I was intimidated at first, certain I was going to mess something,
    up! Now I roll my eyes because of how stupid proof it was!

  12. You have made reinstalling Windows 7 Home Premium so easy. I’m one of those
    people you mentioned that are scared to try reinstall Window in case they
    make a mess of it. So far you are the only one who has taken us through
    everything step-by-step, thank you. I’m a complete novice on computers and
    this has given me the nerve to try the reinstalling my self as my computer
    is running very slow. Before I used an expert to reinstall Windows 7 for me
    (I bought my own copy) but it is getting too expensive for me now. I will
    follow this video on my iPad when I try to reinstall Windows 7 on my
    desktop just to make sure I don’t make a mess of it…wish me luck!

  13. you

  14. My mom have windows 7 home premium pc and shes start screan when you
    writhing that password is green not blue how to make from blue to green plz
    help me thanks!

  15. This may probably be the dumbest question, but if I hit upgrade will my
    files from Windows xp be transferred over? I have been getting mixed
    answers online about this.

  16. hi , could someone help me please?
    I had a genuine windows 7 program but I got a virus that was destroying my
    school work. So I had to quickly get it reinstalled and payed this guy to
    do it, but now apparently my windows are not genuine and I want to have the
    proper genuine version so I want to buy the installation CD of windows 7
    Home Premium 64bit.
    My question is, can I buy this new genuine windows 7 CD and install it on
    this computer (which is Acer Aspire 5349) although the version I have now
    is not genuine? Will it work as it is a OEM ? Will everything will install
    fine or do I need help from somewhere ?
    Also which version of CD am I supposed to buy, the black version or the
    white one? 

  17. I have windows 7 home premium installed, but I don’t have a CD Drive. How
    can I purchase a Windows Key?

  18. ah thanks for the video i just order mine widnows 7 64bit with sp1 oem :)

  19. I did a windows 7 64 bit home premium install and i cant change the taskbar
    ccolor why is this so

  20. Hey all, I did a fresh install on my computer but it does not recognize the
    wifi hardware and the monitor does not reach the full potential as before,
    does any body know what could happen or I need to do it again?

  21. Is it possible to use a usb keyboard and mouse on a blank PC?

  22. Thank you so much!

  23. I bought Windows 7 OEM, but all the talk about the OPK is intimidating and
    has made me hesitant to install it. Do I need to install the OPK, or can I
    just put the disk in and install?

  24. This OPK(pre instillation kit) must i have it or can i just normally
    install it like the retail version.

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