Windows Phone 8: The perfect companion for your PC and Tablet

Windows Phone 8: The perfect companion for your PC and Tablet

See how your life becomes truly connected between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. From Live Tiles that flip to uncover real-time information on your Start scr…
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  1. Popping hand is in the vdo because it’s Halloween XD

  2. @1:53 so That’s what Thing from The Addams Family is doing now. Thank you,

  3. Can’t wait to get my hands on the L920! I love my Lumia 900, but ready for
    the new hardware!!

  4. Zune is only on xbox and wp now

  5. The same fact stands for Apple and Google ( All android users ).

  6. y u no pirate w8

  7. No, you are getting an update called 7.8

  8. Stop talking crap and launch the phone already, Apple announces and they
    launch, Google announces and they deliver a date. Nokia and Windows if you
    don’t pick up your game you will die and you will let somebody like the
    Canadian company RIM come out of their grave and slap you silly :) Hurry up
    and shut up.

  9. Windows Phone 7.8?

  10. wow. Surface is on this video :)

  11. yeS!

  12. Has anyone noticed how he resembles Chris Angel?? haha.. is this part of
    his magic??

  13. you have to buy a wp8 phone so you can renew your love with microsoft!

  14. @Sergio0694 yup I still have my 25gig SkyDrive.

  15. I really hope MS does good with these. WP8 is kinda going the bussines way
    that RIM went and I hope they do succed since I love the new WinPhone8 and
    NokiaL920 is amazing. I am so looking forward to get this phone :X

  16. I see the HTC 8S got a 1Ghz snapdragon, running Windows Phone 8. The old
    Lumias have a more powerful CPU, why don’t they get a free WP8 update?

  17. the funny thing is that apple launched their me cloud and people think that
    microsoft coppied the idea, they seem to forget that skydrive exists since
    long before they started plaing mobile me

  18. whos hand was that

  19. 1:03 nice gorilla suit

  20. i had an original LG quantum pre-nodo update. i finally just gave in and
    bought a lumia 920. i freaking love it!

  21. Very good work !

  22. this guy’s amazing… explains everything in superb clarity with high-level

  23. Dunno about MS.. but Nokia surely loves you!!.

  24. No its not lol

  25. Because from wp7.5 to wp8 is big jump than other OS so can’t update is mean
    it really develop not only finish but un-release as the other

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