Windows Phone 8.1 Sense services

Windows Phone 8.1 Sense services

Let’s take a look at the new sense services on Windows Phone 8.1. There’s Battery sense, Storage sense, and Wifi sense. Head to our site for more info! http:…
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  1. There are 28 tiles on home screen!?

  2. come to think of it windows phone is getting similar to android.. 

  3. Windows phone has everything we need just 1 thing it lack fun games or i
    just dont know em if u do know any please comment them thx :D

  4. A very nice review. I have a question regarding WIFI sense. Can we use WIFI
    direct in Win 8.1 to transfer files with other smartphones?

  5. what’s that lumia model?

  6. When are we gona get Windoes 8.1 update ??

  7. I couldn’t able to find Storage sense in App Store i have lumia 520 Please
    Help :'(

  8. put the phone down !!!!!!

  9. The Wi-Fi Sense does handle Wi-Fi a lot better than on my Android phones.
    Some of the public Wi-Fi it connects seamlessly when I am around them.
    The one here at work I still have to agree to the terms but at least WiFi
    Sense alerts me that I need to.

  10. store apps in sd? hell yea. finally i can make use for my 64 gb sd

  11. Awesome video

  12. So much talking for microsoft services.. With google mail showing in the
    notifications, ha ha ha!!! A bit clumsy, but what a fun! Thank you

  13. how i can disable Narrator in WP8.1 

  14. Unfortunately, the Battery Server app is much more complicated to use than
    the old background tasks settings, if you want to turn apps off.

  15. First

  16. Great video. WP 8.1 is excellent and unique. And so easy to use Microsoft
    and Google services too, well done Microsoft.

  17. Windows phone rocks. So glad that I’m a window geek.

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