Windows 8 Upgrade: Too Expensive for Today’s Market?

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Question by Pritam: How do I restore original factory settings after installing Windows 8 ?
I installed windows 8 nut things are not working properly. I would like to shift back to windows 7 on my Sony Vaio. But how do I restore original factory settings ? I cannot find the ‘Vaio central’ option in the start menu.

Best answer:

Answer by Carling
Now your in very deep hot water, you didn’t read the windows 8 instruction that told you NOT to install it on a working system that is used daily on another operating system, NOT only can’t you restore the original factory settings back to windows 7, Because you have wiped out the hidden partition that had the Vaio central restore hardware drivers and the windows 7 install files on it.

Now you will have to do one of two choices
Buy windows 7 install disk. Then find all the Vaio hardware drivers for windows 7, If you don’t then windows 7 won’t work either. Plus the fact you will have no application software packages to run on windows 7 anyway.

The best thing to do. Which I would advise you to do, is install a free alternative operating system on your Vaio, It will find all your hardware drivers, you will get all the application software you need free, the operating system is up to date, December 2011.

Here are some free Alternative Operating systems I recommend you have a Look at
This one is like the Mac OS/x desktop, but with far more superior 3D desktop animated Graphics.
Click on the link here
Vector Linux released November 2011

This one you can have any type of desktop you want windows Xp, Vista, or windows 7, at the click of the mouse button,

Zorin Linux released November 2011

Linux Mint 12 Released December 2011

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