Windows 8.1 troubleshooting wifi problems

Windows 8.1 troubleshooting wifi problems

Steps to take to troubleshoot a computer when wifi does not turn on.
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  1. but u didn’t address the main reason …its all about power
    management..the current to wifi adapter is turned off when battery levels
    drop..just plugging the lappy helps..choosing the right power plan
    helps..and we have an option so the power to wifi isnt shut off even on low

  2. I can’t even access any of the Apps on my PC to update my computer, It
    talks about DNS Sever Errors, Problem with Internet Adapter and Acess point
    issue, all sorts of BS that’ i’ve been dealing with for half a year.

  3. Dear sir,
    I have a problem. My airplane mode is locked (on) and wifi is also locked
    (off). I can’t turn on/off or do anything with them. I hope you will help

  4. 1:58 instead of the wifi box i just have bluetooth. how do i get wifi on my

  5. Thanxx man u helped me so much :D

  6. tnanks you so much

  7. Thank you so much, my problem was driver faulty, your explanation to cure
    problems were excellent and clear 10/10 You are the MAN!!!

  8. this is ok and it is very user friendly, everyone using windows should
    know all this steps….but still is not all the package for a complete wifi
    troubleshooting….but its ok…..

  9. Thank you thank you thank you :D

  10. Does anyone know how to fix the glitch in turning your airplane mode off? I
    know how, but my computer will not let me! any ideas? btw this is with
    windows 8.1

  11. Thanks you got it working

  12. thank u sir ,you rocks

  13. under network adapters there is a yellow triangle over marvell avastar
    wireless composite device. should i try to uninstall this and restart my
    computer or what anyone please help.

  14. You are my saviour man! I watched like 10 different videos before this but
    yours was the only one that worked! 


  16. When I go to airplane mode it says off but under wireless devices it say it
    can’t find any but I’m sitting right next to a router with wifi on. What
    should I do?

  17. Your the best dude!

  18. thank you very much sir life saver

  19. Thank u man….it realley works :-)

  20. Yes it works. Thank you very much

  21. helped me so muuuch!!

  22. Thank you so much you are my angel, it realy helped

  23. thank youuuuuuuuuuu

  24. Thank you so much! it save me time and cash! more power to you!

  25. Omygosh! I tried every different things to fix my limited wifi connection
    problem and only your uninstall method worked for me! Yeyy! I’m so glad
    I’ve seen your video. Thanks a lot! Keep on sharing ur knowledge. :)

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