Windows 8.1 Theme | MAC OS X Yosemite Skinpack

Windows 8.1 Theme | MAC OS X Yosemite Skinpack

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  1. Just so you know, This Skinpack theme is for Windows 7/8/8.1

  2. Would this make my pc slow?

  3. I downloaded this thena shut down my of (a few mins later) and each time I
    open my pc it’s black screen with cursor please help!!!

  4. hey i just experienced a problem
    when i open up for example the internett browser the dock and upper bar is
    still showing. IS THAT NORMAL??

  5. my win icon didnt change to apple after this skin pack………..

  6. Thanks Mate i news to have win 7 i upgraded to win 8 i dint that the
    toolbar wouldn’t still be win 8

  7. Bro! You are THE BEST!!! Subscribed, liked + shared!!!
    Keep Going!

  8. Very nice skin =D

  9. I did everything you did, but nothing happened :( Only the icons changed
    and the cursor, but that’s it. Please help?

  10. Can you please tell me how to uninstall?
    I didn’t real get what you meant in the video.

  11. excludes finderbar :'(

  12. hey everything else changed apart from the icons. Any ideas on how to fix
    that. I use windows 8.1.
    Thanks and Happy new year btw.

  13. How do you can install the theme and what is risky, please make/show me a
    video how to uninstall this theme Thanks !

  14. I uninstalled it the wrong way… Before switching to the default I
    uninstalled it but it still prevails in my system… Please help me out to
    get the default restored restored.

  15. Warning .. VIRUS !!!!

  16. Transform your Windows to look like OS X Yosemite for MAC in this overview.

  17. Can I still play steam games normally ?

  18. Looks so bad, only good thing is the shadows under the windows/taskbar. Can
    I get these individual features?

  19. what exactly would happen if you uninstalled and will they fix this in the

  20. hi i did everything same but something goes wrong and its not same as yours
    My Windows version is 8.1 Pls help

  21. How can i uninstall this theme?

  22. just like making a ferrari looking like a volvo internelly.

  23. Do you have video for uninstall it ! please upload for us to know how !

  24. This is Awesome and working fine , but can u add this genie effect on
    minimising to dock
    How to get Mac os x minimize effect for windows (xp/vista/win7)

    or may b alternative . Thanks

  25. how to put the Russian language?

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