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Question by Colby: Should I switch to windows 8?
I currently have a dell Inspiron 15 n010 with a i3 duo core 8gb of ram and i3 HD graphics and my os is windows 7 home edition my
warranty has expired so I plan on wiping the system as it has become very slow and yes i have an anti virus (Bitdefender 2013) as well as registry cleaner (slmcleaner). i plan on upgrading the HDD to a SSD. But I can’t decide should i get windows 8 or stay with 7? I mostly use it for music and small games like league of legends an guild wars.

Any advice? I’ve been a little hesitant to switch cuz I’ve herd bad things but I’m computer savvy enough I could probably figure it out.

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Answer by Ryan King
Look into it. Basically personal preference. As an online gamer though, I personally wouldn’t get it. It has its pros and cons, and I know people who say its horrible, and people who absolutely love it. But based off your specs, your computer shouldn’t have a hard time running Windows 8 at all.

I think of it as this. Windows 8 seems really good if you have a touch-screen device/monitor, otherwise I see Windows 7 as your best bet. If I had a touch-screen monitor or tablet, I would get Windows 8, but for my at home computer, I’ll stick with Windows 7.

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  1. Hard question really… I wouldn’t be so quick to wipe your system firstly since most people upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8, if you want to do a full installation you’ll have to buy the system builders edition (other editions need windows 7 or less to be on the system):

    If you leave windows 7 on there you’ll get the choice to save all your programs and settings or install from scratch…

    I know that Windows 8 has some problems with SSD’s at the moment, not in every case but in most people have trouble booting from them or they cause a BSOD. I’ve also looked for windows 8 drivers for your system and sadly can’t find any on the manufacturers website, this is not a good thing for running windows 8. Out of date drivers, or drivers designed for windows 7 can and do cause BSOD’s.

    My advice is I don’t think your system is ready for windows 8 right now, when/if your manufacturers website does have windows 8 drivers then it will probably be worth it. Just make sure before you upgrade you download the windows 8 upgrade assistant and get it as close to compatible as possible before installing:


  2. I prefer windows 7 as i’m used to it and i don’t have touch screen to use on windows 8 … also i did hear many people saying windows 8 is not good .. so for me as i don’t care about the new look windows 8 have i’ll use windows 7 more stable and no one have issue using it

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