Windows 8.1 Preview Install on Microsoft Surface RT

Windows 8.1 Preview Install on Microsoft Surface RT

This 20 minute video takes you through the entire 75 minute installation process for the Windows 8.1 Preview on my Microsoft Surface RT. Windows 8.1 Upgrade Scenarios …
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  1. How do you get the securtity code?

  2. Why does my surface rt can’t do a lot that a computer can do… like I
    can’t download a lot of stuff in it…… which is kinda frustrating.

  3. Do you think if I was to purchase the surface now would it come with 8.1
    installed already?

  4. Hi, can I update from Windows Rt to windows 8 or 8.1 on Asus Vivo Tab?

  5. nice video and thank you!!!!

  6. You can install apps from the Windows Store however I think they have
    pulled the preview as we are getting closer to the release of Windows 8.1

  7. Windows 8.1 is a free upgrade to anyone with Windows 8

  8. Check my channel to see how to install the real windows 8.1 (non preview
    version) or use the link below.

  9. Put a USB drive in the RT. Swipe from the right and tap search. Type
    “recovery” and then select “Settings”. Select “Create a recovery drive”.
    Follow the onscreen prompts (You will be asked if once you create your
    recovery drive on the USB if you would like to delete the recovery
    partition on the RT — freeing up space — but then that USB is your only
    recovery and do not lose it!). The official release will be free too.

  10. It will be free, but the question is, will I loose my apps.

  11. It all depends – check out the link in the comments for a post I did about
    the upgrade scenarios from 8 to 8.1.

  12. if i install this on my surface can i download windows 8 apps

  13. I posted that link in the video summary to make it easier to find. Hope it

  14. 18:05 in this video the guy states his apps are still there. This is with
    the Preview 8.1. It is to my understanding that the official release will
    remove all the apps.

  15. In the video Windows recommends that you create a windows recovery drive.
    Is there a video showing me how to do that? And if I convert to 8.1 preview
    what will happen when it is finally released? Will it be a free update
    again or would I have to pay?

  16. Can I play Minecraft on it??

  17. Since this was an upgrade the apps remained. If you never install the
    preview then your apps will be retained as well. Once you have installed
    the Preview your apps have to be updated in the upgrade to 8.1 final and so
    they are uninstalled in the process. I wrote this back in July to help
    clarify the upgrade scenarios – Just go to my site and search for windows
    8.1 upgrade scenarios. I cannot post a link in the comments.

  18. Thank you I’ll wait for the update availability :)

  19. As long as the game stores your progress in the cloud you should pick up
    where you left off after the upgrade.

  20. You will be able to update your ViVo Tab running RT on 17 October 2013 when
    the update becomes available in the Windows Store.

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