windows 8.1 network sharing files folders

windows 8.1 network sharing files folders

How to share files and folders in Windows 8 with other Windows computers.
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  1. what’s the username and password though? As you know, windows 8 using your
    hotmail to login, and i’m using a pin to login as well. So what do I use?

  2. I hate going through windows crappy programmed un-uzer-friendly stuff. So
    turning off passwords worked for me. Thx. I couldnt get the password. Which
    one. I didnt understand the menu tab. It sucked. Now it works thx. Windows
    as gone to waste since XP.

  3. On my windows 8 computer I created a folder on my computer then followed
    your instructions I go to another computer on my network click on network
    in file explorer I can see the shared folder I created on my windows 8
    machine but when I click on the shared folder it ask me for a username and
    password I have “Password protected sharing” TURNED OFF when I set up the
    sharing, I have never had password protection turned on.

    While were discussing usernames and passwords where would I find a username
    and a password for this shared folder if “Password protected sharing was
    turned on?



  4. I have done all the connection stuff, and all my computers see each other.
    (2 win7 laptops, 1 win8 desktop, and 1 win vista desktop) I have no trouble
    with the windows 7’s and 8, but on the Vista computer, I see the others on
    the network but says I can’t access them. How do I fix this? 

  5. I have spent about 48 hours trying to get this working still not
    working………… There has been random as hell bugs with windows file
    sharing since day 1 on xp. The issues still exist in 8.1 currently updated
    trying to xfer files from 2 computers. Tried wired, tried wiring them
    directly with no router. Nothing works I was able to get pretty far using a
    wifi adapter I copied about 130gigs but the other 20 gigs will not copy for
    what ever reason access is denied.

    Trying to get my data backed up so I can shrink my windows install for SSD.

  6. can you lan game between other windows, just curious, i have never lanned
    before but my nephew asked me and i havent the foggiest

  7. I am using all windows 8.1 machines. I have 1 machine which I use as a
    server that has 1 drive that has 4 folders. I that I want to share with all
    3 other machine. And there are 3 folders that I want only each of the other
    machines to see. When I share these 4 folders with everyone no problem. But
    when I change a folder to only one machine I cannot access from tthat
    machine. Please help. I do this on xp machines with no problem but can’t do
    it on 8.1 machines.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  8. How do I search all your videos for other videos on windows 8 networking?

    All I can figure out is how to search ALL of youtube I just want to search
    YOUR videos only.


  9. network discovery is atomatically getting turned off .,what to do?

  10. Why is it when I turn off password for network sharing, that sharing works
    and when turned on, it won’t work?

  11. Thanks men you nailed it so well am bout to watch more of your tutorials.


  13. Thank you very much for this wonderfull vidio. Am quit sure that throught
    this vidio, i will be able to make a pass in my probation period in the
    company. i wish you could as well direct me to other sites through wich i
    can get more good vidios like this one. I will be using this method to
    conect about 50 machines in the company

  14. very helpful, tks for your help!

  15. Having problems with smb .on a device with a program called xbmc i enabled
    sharing folder I have videos on windows 8.1 even setup home group disabled
    password on sharing but when I go in xbmc its sees my PCs name and and I’m
    able to see workgroup but it won’t pickup the username or password is there
    anything I could try so i could get it working i was able to usewhen I used
    windows 8.0
    Is there a step I’m missing 

  16. is there any means that does not require cable to share those files

  17. Thank you for the great video. I am having problems sharing a folder. I
    set it up to share as in your video and on the server it shows it is being
    shared but when I go to the other machine I can’t access the folder. Any

  18. when i click on network and sharing it gets stuck and doesn’t load. Any
    ideas on what’s wrong and how I can fix it?

  19. does this consume any internet?mb?gbs?

  20. can i cut and paste files using this?

  21. Amazing video! :) Thank you. But I get stuck at the passwords part, what
    passwords and username should I enter? I entered my password but it says
    wrong password..
    ( 6:49 in the video thats where im stuck.. )

  22. Here’s the extra steps I had to take (I disabled password protected sharing
    also because it’s a pain and unnecessary on a home network):

    1. Right click the folder you want to share and click Share With –>
    Homegroup (either one).

    2. Right click the folder you want to share again and click Include In –>
    (select the type of files). You may need to do this more than once if it
    contains for example pics and videos.

  23. Can you tell me how to download free Word Publisher? Thank you very much!

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