Windows 8.1 Mouse/Touchpad Problem FIX for GAMES

Windows 8.1 Mouse/Touchpad Problem FIX for GAMES

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING!! Hi, rageid2011 it’s been Quite awhile since I’ve uploaded something here so why not start doing so. I’ve upgrade to Windows 8.1 and there’s seems to be…
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  1. Stilll delays for me…

  2. when i do it for minecraft it did not work ahhhhh please help me when i
    push w,a,s,and h

  3. not working still anything else?

  4. Thanks for this. I’ve been having this problem for a while while I played

  5. So how do you look around while pressing a key?

  6. I have no idea why microsoft ever changed the old mouse properties function
    with all those great options. I have a new pc and I have this issue. It’s
    really crap. You used to be able to alter touch tensitivity and the like
    so you got really fluid responses to the cursor. I hope they take this
    back in the new expansion.

  7. Thanks bro! It’s really working
    I like your description. 

  8. thank you so very much, sooooooo much better now 

  9. wow i have seen it before had this problem for so long hope it fixes it for
    me using a mouse does my nut 

  10. Thank you so much! I had this problem after buying a new computer, and
    while playing MInecraft I couldn’t hit while moving. Thanks to you, I got
    that resolved! 

  11. Oh thanks man! I tried playing G-mod and now it works :3


  13. really,really thanks,1 more subscribed :D

  14. Thank you.

  15. Thanks yo it worked for me

  16. I put on no delay and it still doesnt work help?

  17. Thanks!

  18. thanks a bunch man now i can finally kill cows in minecraft hahaha

  19. I love you so much thank you man

  20. Does anyone know how to do this on windows 7?

  21. Thank so much i was having this problem with my new laptop playing

  22. im not really sure if this will work cuz im playing enter the matrix on my
    8.1 laptop and ive bought it for windows 7 about 2 years ago and now when i
    play it on my new laptop that blue circle just stays there when you start
    up the game and its there the entire time i play it and its a problem cuz
    when i get to those drive by missions i can move around but i cant shoot
    and the mission fails cuz i cant shoot the damn gun and im getting pissed
    off and i tried touching the screen and the blue circle went away but its
    still a problem and i didnt try this method yet so i will update my comment
    if it fixes it 

  23. Thank you so much !!!

  24. omg thank you sooo much. it really does work. I was playing w.o.w and i
    couldn’t click the left mousepad and scroll around at the same time, it has
    that delay. it was so annoying. your a life saver. I was about to give up
    too and return my laptop. honestly i don’t know why some laptop comes with
    this issue, you have to manually adjust yourself if not your going to have
    a hard time. also i did fix the typing and scrolling the touchpad at the
    same time issue, it wasn’t functioning at the same time, you just have to
    go to mouse settings in hardware in control panel, and go to device
    settings, settings, then advanced and move the palm tracking all the way
    to zero or left. so that way you can type and scroll the touchpad at the
    same time without having the scroll cusor being frozen while typing. this
    has been overall a pain when buying a new laptop, but i did manage to fix
    it. thanks once again, you have been a great help.

  25. Omg, this worked, thanks!

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