Windows 8.1 Miracast/WiDi on Surface 2 & Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch

Windows 8.1 Miracast/WiDi on Surface 2 & Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch

Using Netgear PTV3000 adapter. Actiontec Screenbeam Pro is another alternative for Miracast/WiDi solution. You can also use the TV as an extended monitor via…
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  1. Can you use the TV as a second display instead of mirroring the display on
    the tablet/laptop? Like Watch something on the TV as you check email on
    your computer?

  2. hi spy nz, i have also a lenovo carbon x1 touch with windows 8.1 in it.
    Bought the ptv3000 adpter but I cant connect. what is you wireless dirvers
    versions. It shows the ptv on the lenovo but when you try to connect it
    seams like it tries to install a generic pnp monitor and just quit.


  3. My surface pro 2 won’t connect with my PTV3000

  4. ahhh quit the hassle and just buy a micro hdmi cable to hdmi cable on
    amazon for 5 dollars it runs perfectly with no lag at all

  5. I have a surface rt can it connect with this version. If so, please explain
    what I’m doing wrong. It seem to not be able to find my device.

  6. Quick question, any idea if this miracast will work with the Nokia Lumia
    2520 tablet (Win RT)? 

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