Windows 8.1 lesson 16 how to add gmail outlook hotmail yahoo into mail app

Windows 8.1 lesson 16 how to add gmail outlook hotmail yahoo into mail app

How to add email adress into windows Mail app.
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  1. i was never able to set up windows mail on my windows 7, so all the
    programs from m/s were not of any use, time after time i tried to set up a
    new address because like you i could not recall my old password, i hope the
    new p.c. does not remember me the minute i fire up windows 8 or 8.1.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Thanks! Im not completely computer illiterate…but the win 8.1 is a little
    different from the win XP i use to use. and just think, i called the help
    desk and they were gonna charge me to tell me how to do this. I hung up on

  4. How do you sign out of email accounts? Another tutorial video said you have
    to go to Settings, then “Remove all accounts” to sign out. That doesn’t
    make sense to me. Then do I have to add them all over again each time I
    want to sign in and out?

  5. thank u very much 

  6. Realy? 10 min video. 3:50 is the answer. Settings in mail>acounts. Done.
    Although i have the answer, i still give your video a thumbs down.

  7. can i add shortcuts too all my email adresses from start?

  8. I don’t have Microsoft account.can I only log to my google account?

  9. wow some one who knows Win 8.1 Thank you

  10. my yahoo stop syncing my facebook activities, please help..

  11. i want to chat how i cane chat

  12. thanks for help :D

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