Windows 8.1 – League of Legends Compatiblity

Windows 8.1 - League of Legends Compatiblity

Here’s a short demo showing that League of Legends works great in Windows 8.1. It demonstrates the technique that a lot of online games have and that is to u…
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  1. Ever since I upgraded, I get random lag spikes, and it crashes, everyting
    is up to date, system requirements are met so i dont know whats causing it
    to crash

  2. Lucky you. This is what happened to me today after updating to windows
    8.1. an unknown direct x error occurred and league of legends cannot start.
    please make sure your video card is using the latest video drivers from the

  3. I Play League of legends on philippine server,
    I can play DOTA 2 And other games and high settings but not LoL,
    First i Have a good 60 fps then at random moments the screen freezes or the
    frame rather spikes down to 3 Fps, It annoys me as sometimes it happens on
    crucial moments, Also It freezes for a few seconds when I open my LoL menu
    in game, Also whenever i open my shop my screen freezes for a few seconds,
    IT annoyrs me, please help me fix this problem! thank you

    My pc specs are
    Intel I5-4200u
    GT 720m
    4gb Ram
    windows 8.1

  4. I have an Nvidia gt 740m and an integrated 4000 HD intel and im getting 200
    fps then it drops down to 10 fps every 5 seconds or so. I have the newest
    drivers and disabling the integrated 4k hd in the device manager drops my
    fps to about 3 permanently. I am sure i have league in the nvidia control
    panel on the gt 740m but it still lags.

  5. Well, i just installed windows 8.1 but it(at league of legends) lags as
    hell! but when i had windows 8 it runs very nice, could you help me pls?

  6. when I update to 8.1.
    I got 9000Ping

  7. Hey ! Can you help me ? I have windows 8 with windows 8.1 drivers and my
    LoL is flickering in full Screen mode… if i will install windows 8.1 ,
    problem will be fixed? 

  8. Yesterday I had windows 7 on the same computer, today I have windows 8.1 on
    the same computer now my fps is 40 and consistently spikes. 

  9. I just bought an acer aspire e15 today because I needed something cheap for
    school and work, my problem is the game will not update. I ran the launcher
    in almost all compatibility modes with my firewall both on and off and
    everytime the patch update stops with 242mb remaining and my download speed
    comes to a dead stop 0kbps and never picks back up or continues to download
    it just pauses there. Can anyone help me please?!?

  10. Well, I have really strange problem with Windows 8.1 pro N and League of
    Legends. I can see minimap just fine, and hp-bars, but I can’t see
    champion, minions, turrets, champion’s spells, and the most of the real
    map. Can You help me? Also, I have already updated my NVidia and Intel.

  11. i tried to download it but it says “To find a version for ur pc, check with
    the software publisher”

  12. are you using 64bit win 8.1?

  13. im so mad right now i tried to reinstall lol like 5 times completely
    removed mc afee to still not working it just gets to 0 kbps after a while
    often round 60-70% help me plz i really wanna play again :)
    proof it gets to 0 kbps even though i got internet connection aswell..

  14. hey man, i recently purchased a computer and downloaded LoL onto it. now,
    im having a weird issue. i can play BOT matches and DOM matches. however,
    when i try to create a custom game it wont let me play past the champ
    select screen. i just get a black screen and i have to ctrl+alt+del. it
    then shows the firewall message. ive tried turning my firewall completely
    off. i do have a logitech mouse to which i found a couple things online. i
    changed my CFG file. i also changed the logitech file. i find it weird
    that it will also let me play dom matches alone but as soon as i try to
    join a friend i get the black screen with firewall message. i dont know
    what to do anymore. could you post a video of maybe upgrading to the
    newest patch of LoL and trying to start a Normals match please?

  15. I have a problem with my Acer E1-410…
    at first I am playing with 60-80 FPS.. Then after several minutes…
    It spikes down to 10-25 fps.. and my screen freezes on Menu and Item Shop..

  16. Help!!!! i cant open the client plz give me a solution!!!

  17. I have an Asus Republic of Gamers geforce gtx 660m. I have 40 fps and 40
    ping throughout my game. I only play on a wired connection at my home by
    myself with no one else on the internet. I have an Asus republic of gamers
    laptop that is only a few months old. I have tried low graphic settings. I
    don’t understand how I’m lagging/freezing during laning phase or team
    fights with PERFECT connection and PERFECT ping. I’m a NA player. It’s
    really annoying, I’m not enjoying my gaming experience, and strongly
    considering uninstalling. This is my last attempt at any hope of fixing
    this issue. I mainly freeze when alot of abilities are used at once in a
    team fight. Let me be more specific, I am able to MOVE and minions are
    moving, and all champions are moving, but no damage is being dealt or
    taken.. THEN, after like 5 seconds the screen fast forwards and you can see
    any actions we have done in a huge burst. It’s like the game catches up to
    what has been going on 5 seconds ago….

    Do you know of a fix or the problem with this issue? Everything stays up to
    date with every boot on my gaming laptop.

  18. Can you help me ? I recently got a brand new laptop with windows 8.1 for a
    month but every time I try to download league the timer goes to 220 hours .
    What’s happening T_T

  19. My thing is that…I can’t even log in! idk what it is, just got new
    computer w/windows 8.1. Help, please!

  20. My screen keeps flashing, any ideas? It flashes during summoning and when I
    enter the game it keeps flashing. I recently started running Windows 8.1, I
    had Windows 7 and it used to run fine*

  21. an unknown directx error has occurred and league of legends cannot start.
    Please make sure your video card is using the latest video drivers from the
    What am i suppose to do when i got this error?

  22. Help me pls it comes up with league of legends and then disappears and
    dosent load pls help

  23. I can’t patch…haven’t played LoL in 4 months now because of that….It
    stucks on Bin_0x0000000,1,2,3 or 4 -.- and it just stop patching from 1200
    kbps to 0 kbps :( I have tried everything on their support side and I have
    search around on google and nothing works :(

  24. Thank you so much! 

  25. Is the lol performance on win 8.1 better than win7?

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