Windows 8.1 – Beginners Guide Tutorial – Part 2 [Update 1]

Windows 8.1 - Beginners Guide Tutorial - Part 2 [Update 1]

This video tutorial shows those new to Windows 8.1 the basics needed to get around the new Windows 8 user interface. This second part shows the differences b…
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  1. As a long-time user of Windows XP, and someone who was really reluctant to
    switch over to Windows 7, these past two videos have been immensely helpful
    in my questioning of whether or not to upgrade.

  2. I am new to Windows 8 (my new laptop has 8.1) and I have been watching your
    videos for a couple of days now and feel that I really understand the
    features of 8.1 .. THANK YOU! Your videos are great and you are so easy to
    understand!! I’ve subscribed!! :)

  3. I learnt a lot about using windows 8.1 from your videos. Nicely explained.
    seeing the videos it is easy for a novice to understand how to use windows
    8,1. I have subscribed and look forward to watching more videos from you

  4. Great vids. It’s a little overwelming to make the switch from XP to 8.1.
    The vids really do a great job getting your feet on the floor. 

  5. I hate to complain, I have Windows 7. I can open SEVERAL WINDOWS at the
    same time. I use a chat room– use two different search engines and have
    the news open at the same time. I have no problem going from one to the
    other. Here it seems that I can only open two APPS at the same time.
    Sometimes I even have YouTube open and listen to music at the same time.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. I don’t seem to have the Windows start button in the corner with the rest
    of my apps like the internet and such. I don’t know where it went. Does
    anyone know how to get it back. I’m lost. 

  7. I didn’t find any problem solved how to get started camera on windows 8.1..
    Can anybody help me how to start camera…..

  8. My wife just recently purchased a pc with 8.1 & her and I both have learned
    a great deal in such an easy-to-understand way. Thank you for taking the
    time to put together these tutorials. 

  9. Some of the things you are showing are not the same for my Lenovo ideapad
    8.1. For instance, when I am in the windows store and scroll my mouse to
    the top of the screen a bar does not come down with an exit and minimize
    tab. I have to go to the bottom left corner and return to windows icon and
    my window store auto closes, at least I am assuming as the icon does not
    remain in the lower task bar. Any reason why you might think I am seeing
    these type of differences? Thank you, your tutorial has been helpful even
    with the differences.

  10. Windows 8 plain and simple sucks. 

  11. Great job, very well explained.

  12. Great two tutorials, thanks!
    Just curious, how to I create a short cut command for an app? In the
    Windows 7, I would right click on the icon, go to program properties, then
    Ctrl+Alt+ whatever the letter I assigned to the program. I am unable to
    locate program properties in windows 8.1.
    Second question, how to you create This PC on desktop?

  13. Great tutorial . . highly recommend

  14. Outstanding video. Thank you. 

  15. how do you change the metro ui background now? and not to the same as the
    desktop..But like from purple to orange..i don’t see an option..THANKS!

  16. This tutorial is very helpful. However, I have a problem. My IE on my new
    W8.1 computer looks like my old W7 IE. I don’t have the navigation at the
    bottom of the screen, so I can’t access options like pinning a website,
    etc. Can anyone help?

  17. Thank you for this tutorial. I will be receiving a computer next week with
    the new windows 8.1 and was intimidated, however, you have brought
    everything quite clear

  18. Thanks, that was very helpful. This windows 8.1 is more for a computer
    usage :) 

  19. Dam Good Speaker

  20. Thanks, watched two tutorials, it’s really helpful.

  21. how do stop certain pictures from sowing up on in the metro ui? they coming
    from One Drive..Thanks!

  22. I like your videos but I’m not a cloud fan at all. It’s a bit worrisome. A
    good tutorial would be based on custom settings and creating a local
    account and getting rid of Skydrive. Although the cloud should be helpful
    it’s flawed with horrible security. Keep up the good work! 

  23. Liked and Subscribed!!!

  24. Really helpful!!!!

  25. I’m too scared to update to windows 8.1 I don’t want anything to happen can
    you make a video with everything that is going to happen and how to
    retrieve data if it gets deleted thank you

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