Windows 7 – Resize a partition / Merge two partitions to one

Windows 7 - Resize a partition / Merge two partitions to one

In this screencast we cover merging two partitions on a hard drive into a single partition.
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  1. this doesn’t work if the first disk is filled and you want to keep the data
    in the second one.

  2. Thank you, I am greatly relieved to say that that was much easier than I
    had expected it to be! 

  3. The operation is not supported by the object.

  4. Sweet, nice quick video! Cheers! :)

  5. What if one of the hard drives are on a different ‘disk’?

  6. I’ve deleted my E: drive, now I have unallocated space, but it won’t allow
    me to extend it to the C: drive, the option is greyed out…

  7. This is how tutorials should be made. Short, to the point, no music or
    notepad typing crap.

  8. thanks brother.

  9. Thanks mate. I didn’t know it was that easy.

  10. Thanks!!!! It’s working dude :)

  11. thank you !!


  13. I have unallocated space and is black, when I right click on C drive, it
    wont let me click on the extend, any ideas?

  14. Thanks for sharing information.

  15. thanks :)

  16. This worked on my Lenovo with 8.1.

  17. Great job bruh. :D

  18. Tnx :)

  19. THANK YOU so much! I can Render faster now! And download more !!!! THANK
    YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

  20. Superb!

  21. hey i dont get the option for extend in c pleaze help

  22. cannot “extend”. My drive that I want to delete shows up as free space
    instead of unallocated and when I click “Delete partition”, it says, “There
    is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation.”

  23. Thx :)

  24. Cheers

  25. Super helpful video. thanks!

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