Windows 7.1 Vs. Windows 8.1 Vs. Windows Beta For Gaming – Benchmarks (Boot/Rendering inc.)

Windows 7.1 Vs. Windows 8.1 Vs. Windows Beta For Gaming - Benchmarks (Boot/Rendering inc.)

I just finished testing win 7.1 vs windows 8.1 and then the beta of windows 10 was released (technical preview), so I thought, meh why not just test all thes…
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  1. windows 8 then jump to 10 were is windows 9 bill gates is stupid he forgot
    windows 9

  2. There’s a Windows 7.1? I thought it was Windows 7 Service Pack 1 :P

  3. Huzzah!
    Next weekend I’m replacing my 2GB RAM, i3 processor, and gtx 560 PC with
    16GB RAM, i7 4790k, and a gtx 980!
    Glad I waited one month, else I would have bought the 780Ti

  4. Windows 8.1 is like the youtube comments absolute shit in theory, awesome
    in reality. Windows 10 is just a slow ugly windows 7 remake that makes me
    think the only upgrade from windows 8.1 is Linux.

    Windows 8 is basically hell without the fire.

  5. Imagine how 10 will be once it is optimized!

  6. So at the end of the day, it’s best to shell out on a new piece of hardware
    instead of upping your OS?

    1 FPS victory over Windows 7 on Skyrim. VICTORY!!! (grin)

  7. Great video! I always look forward to your HQ content and straightforward
    Out of all of the tech Youtubers there are few that I feel really know
    and understand what they are talking about. When someone ask me how that
    they can learn more about tech I always point them to your channel and
    Paul’s Hardware.
    Keep up the great videos man!

  8. The full version of Windows 10 will have directx 12

  9. With testing of win 7 vs win 8 just done I thought I while as well throw in
    Win 10 beta in there as well, enjoy!

  10. hay bro !! i am cs go player ………. which os u will suggest ?

  11. Windows 7.1??????

  12. I’ll stay with 7 until 10 gets like a noticeable fps difference. cause I
    did enjoy windows 10’s interface. 

  13. Completely spot on about three ways. Great video man!

  14. The fact that Windows 10 is staying with these older versions that had most
    of the bugs and stuff fixed with them, proves that Win10 is going to be the
    new PC Gaming OS. I really loved Windows 8.1 to be honest and prefer it
    over windows 7. So it would be nice to get the best of both worlds with
    Windows 10.

  15. have any one problems on call of duty black ops 2 crashing

  16. Man, you’re the best! I was just thinking about which was better for gaming
    and you uploaded this. =P

  17. windows 7.1 ?? xD

    nice vid :)

  18. What happened to windows 9 did they forget?

  19. Cool intro, good song choice.

  20. Dropping support for Windows 7?

    That’s just great, since my 2010 and 2012 builds have Windows 7 and my
    crappy HP computer does as well. :(

  21. you want to try and bench mark something try prepar3d 2.4, noone can even
    max it out

  22. Im still not sure whether to go for 7 or 8.1?, hardware arrives over the
    next few days so a bit of time to decide?

  23. Windows 7.1 ???????????

  24. Thanks, this helped me alot :)

  25. good staff man watched all you’re videos keep it up also like the intro
    music ….. all you guys …teck yes city – linus teck tips – teck of
    tommorow – austin evans – pc perspective you all make youtube a better
    place :)

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