What You Need To Know About Windows 8.1 UPDATE – Newegg TV

What You Need To Know About Windows 8.1 UPDATE - Newegg TV

newegg.com | Microsoft: bit.ly/1qyr9ZL What You Need To Know About Windows 8.1 UPDATE @Newegg: bit.ly/1qyr9ZL – Credits – Presenter:…
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  1. I’m using 64bit Windows 8.1, love it.

  2. I don’t know about others.
    But I would never choose Windows 7 for Windows 8.1, after I tried 8.1 for
    couple months. (Not Win8, but Windows 8.1)
    It is just better, FASTER, more responsive, intuitive, less buggy, and
    again faster, BOTH for programs and games than Windows 7.
    and I used Win7 since 2009 until beginning of this year, were completely
    against Win8. Didn’t like it when I tried it at my friend house, some time
    After that I tried 8.1 for some time longer, it is just much better.

    Also you can it just like old Win7, never going to the tabs desktop, just
    normal desktop, and there are some functionality of Win8.1 in it to boost
    the old desktop.
    Which actually works, I would gladly recommend Win8.1 to anyone over Win7.
    For anything, both gaming and business also any other usage.

    That is my take on Win8.1, I’m just very happy with it.
    I don’t have problem if anyone thinks that what I say is untrue.
    Well maybe that is in your case, in my case I’m very happy with it.
    Our mileage can differ.

  3. Um,a little bit late?!

  4. Is the Windows store app permanently pinned to the taskbar? If so, never
    getting Windows 8.

  5. So much confusion in the comments :D

  6. This update has 2 months

  7. This video is a bit late

  8. This is kind of late…. my dad’s laptop got this update 2 months ago.

  9. who the hell use microsoft store 

  10. Best Windows update? 7

  11. Still don’t buy Windows 8 just buy Windows 7!!!

  12. still no taskbar! LOL!!!

  13. windows 8.1 update 1 speed in games makes windows 7 cry in shame 

  14. my new laptop is asking me to update from 8 to 8.1 will i lose my data?


  16. Install classic shell and charmsbarkiller if you’re using Win 8.1 on a

  17. What do I need to know about Windows 8.1 update? Do not buy it and wait
    till they release 9 next summer (2015).

  18. paull, i know this is completely not related to this topic, but can you do
    a review about inter’s 4770k vs AMD FX-9590? I want to build a new computer
    but can’t decide wheter i have to spent a little money on intel’s chip when
    the perfomance gap is not that far with the AMD :l. Any suggestions out
    there folks? :D

  19. Windows 8 is the biggest pile of excrement I’ve ever used.

  20. Windows 8.1, classic shell, UxStyle, and Aero Glass for Windows 8. Though I
    have not had an opportunity to use these together yet, this seems to be the
    perfect setup for those preferring 7 over 8.1, as 8.1 has many performance

  21. how can i know my GC in windows 8.1 please they just tell me i have a hd
    8600m/8700m i want to know tha exact one that i have please help :)

  22. A year ago Windows 8 sucked. I may give it a try now

  23. I really like how this is coming along, the only issues I have with it
    would be I’m wondering if they have fixed the raw mouse, and keyboard input

    I’m still using Windows 7, but in all it works better then vista, and was
    better for desktop then the starting Windows 8, and now with Windows 8.1
    there are just a few things I still don’t know before switching. Also with
    Windows 9 coming out supposedly by next year, Windows 8 might not be the

  24. is there a way to drag applications from start screen to desktop?

  25. It seems the Win8 OS is geared towards making purchases (and touchscreen)
    and not for a workstation computer. That’s what tablets are for, making
    purchases through their closed-market app stores. I don’t want to build a
    $1200-$1500 tool and be limited to making app purchases, when all of my
    good productive software has been proven to work on Win7. TY for the video,

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