Valve Hammer Editor Tutorial – Optimization Using Hint Brushes (Part 1)

Valve Hammer Editor Tutorial - Optimization Using Hint Brushes (Part 1)

Part one of my tutorial on map optimization using hint brushes. Part 2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Actually, I know what the problem is. If you’re running the Half-Life 2:
    Episode 1 engine version of the editor this option will not exist. It
    exists only in the Orange Box engine version of the editor. You can change
    what engine you use in the Source SDK program prior to opening VHE.

  2. @Thedragon476 The Load Portal File option is not available for CSS because
    it is on the stock engine (not orange box) as I explained at 2:34 in the
    video. Your best bet is to compile the map on an Orange Box engine game and
    do it there. Or if you want to see the leaves in game you can enter the
    command mat_leafvis 1 in the console (with cheats enabled). This will show
    you what leaf you are in as well as the shape. This can give you a good
    idea of how the compiler has divided your level.

  3. Absolutely not. The doors, windows, and any solid piece of BSP will already
    cut visibility, so there is no need to do that. You should, however, have a
    look at my other video about area portals, which may be more suitable for
    optimizing your houses. watch?v=jUJtZR9LipY

  4. The example was purely demonstration, I don’t expect anyone to actually do
    that. The idea was to show how the walls cut the visibility tree.

  5. Too many portal verts help!!!!!!

  6. Does the portal file load properly after compiling with fast vis?

  7. You could be using an older version (non Source) of Valve Hammer Editor.
    Otherwise, ensure that you’ve run a full compile. If you have not run a
    full compile it will prompt you to pick a .prt file, however if a full
    compile has run successfully it should be able to find it itself.

  8. you have to go trough a complete compile

  9. I’m not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?

  10. You should have way more subscribers.The tutorials of optimization is very
    limited on YouTube.

  11. Good tut man, deffinately helped me out, cause reading it on the Valve Dev
    Wiki site, I just couldnt understand. Especially with the screenshots they
    provided. This is a nice run through and helped me understand the point of
    the hint brush. Good job.

  12. So if I have a map with a bunch of houses I should put these brushes in
    every door/ window?

  13. @thegregster101 Chances are your portal is of a weird shape. If I’m not
    mistaken, the maximum amount of vertices the portal is allowed to have is
    6. Remember that portals get flattened to a single plane. Try and simplify
    the problematic area portal. A rule of thumb I use is to not allow area
    portals to be non rectangular, that way there’s no risking that type of

  14. Thank you! Helped me a lot.

  15. i think it’s always on.

  16. or you could just not make the barrol…

  17. how do i view past the skybox touching the void? as you have it set up for
    me it would just be a skybox texture (hard to view). thanks in advance and
    cheers for the tutorial

  18. How the crap does your game load up so fast. Is it your pausing the video
    with a separate voice-over? Is it because the game is windowed? Its freakin
    me out daug.

  19. Please give me a reply here. When i start my map theres a huuge black
    shadow around my player,and everywhere i go it stays on me. Lights dont do
    anything ive filled the map with lights and still this big black shadow is
    on me. Simply i just cant see whats wrong here? why the lights dont work?

  20. how come i dont have the option load portal file?

  21. exactly what i was looking for, unfortunatley my map is an open world env
    so there is little i can do but i will definetley use this as much as i
    can. thanx man.

  22. Could you do a tutorial like this for half life one hammer editor…? Us
    noobs with bad computers that still play cs 1.6 don’t have any good hint
    brush tutorials on youtube!!

  23. Why would you put a barrel in a map that nobody will see? Or any other
    item/detailing?? If it’s not going to be seen under any circumstances, why
    add it at all?

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