Upgrading From Windows 1.0 to Windows 8 On Actual Hardware

Upgrading From Windows 1.0 to Windows 8 On Actual Hardware

If you’re watching this video, you’ve probably seen the other videos that prove it is possible to upgrade from Windows 1.0 all the way to Windows 8. However, those videos use VMware to perform…
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  3. Most of the people who hate Windows 8 either…

    A – Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on a computer that was not really
    built to support Windows 8, or
    B – Are the ones who dont like it when interfaces that they have been using
    for years suddenly change, therefore forcing them to learn a new way to do
    the same thing that they used to do. 

  4. Windows 8 isn’t as user friendly and simple as windows 7. + it runs games
    like shit for the most part.

  5. Unpopular opinion, I fucking love 8.1, I’ve never had a computer that has
    run so fast and the menu is actually super handy when you get used to it.
    You people just hate change, how do you think people who went from say –
    Windows 3 to Windows 95 felt? Get over it, it runs so much nicer.

  6. We still use Windows XP at school! XD

  7. Ok, so people clearly misunderstood the original post here, so i shall now
    re-phrase it:

    IMHO i think windows 8/8.1 is a huge improvement over past windows
    Operating System, fast boot times, much better performance over previous
    OS’s (including in gaming) the charm bar is ridiculously useful, as is the
    new windows key + x context menu. now, as for people who don’t like it,
    that’s fine and all, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to hate it
    also. Nor do they have to be a troll or working for Microsoft if they do
    like it. (also, i imagine most of you hate windows 8 for the metro ui
    replacing the start menu, hey guess what, download classic shell or
    something and boom, it’s now windows 7 with all the performance increases
    of windows 8/8.1 ;))

  8. In Windows 2.03, you can see Jacob deleted some files. That is because for
    some reason, those files prevent Windows 3.0 and Windows 3.1 from being
    installed. In Windows 3.1, Jacob had to rename the WIN.COM file in order to
    install Windows 95B. Jacob installed 95B as opposed to regular 95, because
    95B supports FAT32 file systems, while regular 95 does not. If Jacob had
    installed regular 95, Jacob would have had to use a FAT file system, for
    which the maximum size is 2 gigabytes. Jacob didn’t want to have to deal
    with converting the drive to FAT32 and extending it, so Jacob got finally
    stuck with FAT32 from the beginning. In Windows XP, Jacob had to convert
    the drive to NTFS in order to install Windows Vista. Jacob also changed the
    RAM from a 256 megabyte chip to a 2 gigabyte chip. This was necessary
    because the older versions of Windows such as 95, 98, and Me have a limit
    to how much RAM they can take, while newer versions of Windows require more

  9. Stupid idiots who think 8 sucks.

  10. What happended to 2000, 8, (not 8.1) and NT 3.51 and 4.0?

  11. +Danny Zeddy Too fucking bad. I’ll tag you anyway, asshat

  12. Falls jemand noch was für den nächsten Filmabend sucht:

  13. Found this video. Someone was bored and installed Windows 1.0 and upgraded
    all the way to Windows 8 on the same physical machine.

  14. I tried running Win 3.1 on Win 8.
    Mouse didn’t work, total buster.
    ME didn’t even get to the login.
    XP had worst mouse ever, so I deleted System32.
    7 couldn’t find System32 on the install CD, WTF.

  15. nobody uses windows 8/8.1/8.1pro/8pro/8.1preview/8preview cause bill gates
    wants money from you.

    PS: when windows 9 comes out windows 9 will be 9999999999999999999
    dollar/euro and windows 8/8.1/8.1pro/8pro/8.1preview/8preview is 9 euro
    and windows 7 is free and windows xp will be burned in fire

  16. Windows is just a shell for MS-DOS. Your computers have really been the
    same in the core for all these years

  17. The history of windows really catches my eye. Then there’s Apple……
    Always looking the same….

  18. It’s amazing you were actually able to get through all of these installs
    without massive issues. And amazing you could even get the older stuff to
    Too bad you skipped installing Windows 2000… I ran 2000 on my machine
    during the “ME” period because Windows ME was terrible.

  19. если не ставить “висту”, то можно было сэкономить пол часа вдео))

  20. Product Keys:
    Windows 95: 12095-OEM-0004226-12233
    Windows 98: G2FGT-6HYRW-X2W2C-RT7HW-RF7WX
    Windows ME: MX68G-YYTVR-VPTTT-W7K83-MGF84
    Windows XP: QW4HD-DQCRG-HM64M-6GJRK-8K83T

  21. 8.1 is modern for me, and kind of perfect for this generation.

  22. windows 98 checking free space hourglass on 50% always

  23. Where did windows 2000 go, after windows ME comes 2000 and not xp
    (well thats what is said in the timeline on wikipedia and on microsoft.com)

  24. Would you like to make a video to upgrade from Windows 1.0 to Windows 10
    Technical Preview?

  25. how computer who run win 1.0 can run win 8 ???

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