Unlocking a Developer Locked Windows Phone 8

Unlocking a Developer Locked Windows Phone 8

For support or questions relating to Windows Phone development or apps… Visit support.metapps.net This tutorial takes you through the process of reg…
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  1. There is no way to unlock a developer locked Windows Phone unless you have
    a Windows 8 machine.

  2. Windows Phone Developer Registration Say m’y phone is not connected but he
    is connected. When i connect my phone to the computer, and i start WPDR but
    he Say m’y phone is not connected ! Please help me :’C

  3. Please help – When i click the Register Button it opens window (Sign In)
    but auto closes down
    my english is bad i know but please help :(((

  4. I’m in WP 8.1 can I unlock my phone

  5. You have to be a student at a university. I am assuming you want a
    DreamSpark account?

  6. This feature is for app developers. It allows you to deploy apps to the
    phone for debugging. I personally like WP8 a lot better than 7. Better apps
    and the phones are much better. Lumia 1020 and 1520 are both amazing

  7. why do i need to unlock my phone ? what are the beauty of this ?
    im using lumia 820 ..
    and i cant download SDK becoz im using windows 7 32bit ? Do i need to
    changes my OS to Windows 8 ? ..

    Reply As Soon As Possible ..
    or add me on FB .. i need a teacher for my phone because im not good on
    lumia or windows phonme ..thanks ..


  8. will do you have a toutorial in how to update windows 8 to 8.1 without
    losting any think 

  9. Thanks! That is all I needed :)

  10. How do we get a .edu account?

  11. Where i download windows phone developer registration??

  12. thanks

  13. thanks

  14. I have a windows phone 8, but don’t have windows 8 on my laptop, so how do
    i do it.

  15. This tutorial will walk you through unlocking your Windows Phone 8 for

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