Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 8 : Counter Strike Global Offensive with a GTX 680

Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 8 : Counter Strike Global Offensive with a GTX 680

A short video checking out the recently released Counter Strike Global Offensive running on both Ubuntu and Windows, both natively thanks to Valve! Please no…
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  1. +Николай Костюченко it’s probably due to one of two things (or both).
    1. EXT4 works better than NTFS
    2. OpenGL loads shaders faster than D3D9
    That’s just my hypothesis though. There could be many other reasons.

  2. With Valve’s awesome recent release of Counter Strike GO for Linux, there
    have been quite a few reports on it’s performance when pitted against
    Windows. I decided to check out how big or small that difference is, and
    how relevant it may be. Come check it out! #ubuntu #counterstrike

  3. +StarBurzt I keep holding off on doing a Team Fortress 2 benchmark, as
    something always comes up before I can get it done. Maybe I can get it done
    this weekend alongside Planetside, but I can’t promise anything yet.

  4. Thx man for the vid

  5. I have more perfomance in Linux than in Windows

  6. Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 8 : Counter Strike Global Offensive with a GTX 680

    #ubuntu #windows8 #counterstrike 

  7. If I use a AMD A10-6800k on competative CSGO settings (low) and using
    Ubuntu I should be able to get 100 frames at least correct?

  8. I think you should revisit some of these games in the future and see if
    newer drivers have any major impact on the performance :)

  9. Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 8 : Counter Strike Global Offensive with a GTX 680

    #linux #windows8 #counterstrike 

  10. If you want better FPS rate, you have to…
    1. Disable Enchanced Zoom Desktop
    2. Disable any multi-desktop options
    3. Disable Copy to texture (Optional, for highend CPU and restart to take
    *you can disable them in compiz config manager.
    (I’ve disabled them and I have the Dota 2 performance better than Windows

  11. I dun gibe a fuq
    Linux is still mastur race

  12. +Penguin Recordings Hey. I’d like to know a few things.
    Is this any different now with the updated Nvidia Drivers?
    Is this any different now with the updated CS:GO optimisations?
    Why is this a lot worse performance wheras in Benchmarks it performs

  13. It’s incredibly important to note that ‘frame rate differences’ are
    relative and not always the best indicator of a performance gap. For
    example, a game pushing 50 frames vs 100 frames per sec means you are
    taking 20ms to render a frame vs 10ms, giving you a 10ms performance gap.
    But in this video, linux pushes 150 fps and windows 200 fps, which is still
    a 50 frame gap but only a 6.7ms vs 5.0ms rendering time — a far smaller
    difference, and possibly one that could be bridged with a few tiny
    optimizations (hopefully :)

    Anyway, thanks for the vid. Helped me decide to buy CSGO.

  14. that is surprising. for me, it’sthe opposite. i tried running HL2 on Ubuntu
    14.04, while the frame rate was decent, the game stuttered every 5 to 10
    seconds. i tried to run Dota 2, and while it ran perfectly smooth on my
    windows 7, it was horrible on Ubuntu, less than 30 FPS and the settings
    weren’t even set to the highest ones. yeah, my hardware is not what it used
    to be- Q6600, 6GB ram, ATI 5850, and yet it was sufficient to run on
    windows 7. and yes, i’ve installed the newest ATI drivers. even though
    there is no way i’m going back to windows (i’d rather stop playing games)
    it would be nice to know what’s wrong with my PC/OS

  15. 120hz monitor doesent mean thet you dont have to go above 120fps, some
    consider 200fps needed because of input delay in mice and keyboard. Try
    secretly capping the framerate at 120 at a good cs players computer and
    he/she will most likely complain. Even if hes on a 60hz monitor and “cant
    see more than 60hz”, he can definately feel the extra fps in movement and

  16. Windows is crap, full of viruses and shit…

  17. Hello, i have linux on amd graphics. Can i play cs go?

  18. Has the performance improved since the time of this video?

  19. could you maybe do a benchmark for team fortress 2?

  20. I received better performance with Nvidia’s 343.36 Linux driver compared to
    the 340.46 driver.
    14.10 Ubuntu 3.16.0-24-generic, AMD 8350FX @ 4.5GHz Geforce 760 GTX

    I’d like to see if you receive the same response.

  21. can you try linux mint mate edition to see if you can get the frame rate
    up? since that’s the robust version of ubuntu

  22. With that frame difference it might aswel be running emulated, dunno how
    they can call that native

  23. i believe that Linux mint can give more performance than the Ubuntu. I have
    done some benchmarks between all the versions of the Ubuntu against the
    mint. and the mint mate version was over the Ubuntu (original version)
    while the other Ubuntu versions like gnome and lubuntu were very low. 

  24. A native OpenGL game would be a much better comparison, Valve games use a
    lazy OpenGL->DirectX layer that somewhat kills performance.

  25. I made the benchmark shown here :
    on this configuration: cpu intel core quad q6600, nvidia geforce gtx560se
    with the latest drivers.
    this are the results obtained at minimum graphical settings full screen at
    LM 17 cinnamon 64 bit kernel 3.17
    7487 frames 53.045 seconds 141.14 fps ( 7.08 ms/f) 9.526 fps variability

    LM 17 cinnamon 64 bit kernel 3.13
    7487 frames 53.536 seconds 139.85 fps (7.15 ms/f) 9.745 fps variability

    Windowss 7 64 bit
    7487 frames 55.047 seconds 136.01 fps ( 7.35 ms/f) 10.023 fps variability

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