Twenty Minute Tutorial : Android Studio Install on Windows 8.1

Twenty Minute Tutorial : Android Studio Install on Windows 8.1

This tutorial shows how to install Android Studio on your Windows 8.1 computer.
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  1. I don’t get what I did wrong. I have the JDK, and the path set to the
    environments, however I still get the error message.

  2. iam running it as an admin but i still don’t find the sdk manager. Want

  3. Did the Android Studio extraction dump files into your root folder?

    That’s discouraging.

  4. Yes the studio 64 is the one you open. Thats the one i opened and it works
    the only problem i am having is getting the SDK manager.

  5. The download right now is a zip file and the installation instructions in
    the website are not accurate. They instruct to run studio.exe and follow
    the wizard. The problem is that studio.exe and studio64.exe run the IDE not
    the installation wizard.

  6. it worked, thanks!

  7. thank you for this! its been very helpful!

  8. It is a nice tutorial Thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks for the Video. Really helpful!!!
    Keep uploading :)

  10. 10:37
    Major slur…

  11. tnx this videos is very beneficiary :) 

  12. I’m having a problem with gradle, when I download through android studio my
    whole system stops to work. How can I do it via offline mode?

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