Tweaking Windows 8.1 For Audio and Music Production

The secret sauce of the audio PC builder, here are our tweaks for Windows 8.1 to get your system humming along nicely. To be honest Windows 8 doesn’t need mu…


  1. my fl 11 keep freezing when i try to render in 8.1 :(

  2. Thorough tutorial thanks for sharing. 

  3. very good tut, thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m sorry, if you guys really needed this tutorial, you had no right
    insulting Windows 8 in the first place. 18:30 is a good example of this; so
    many people diss the start menu. If you only put the things you need on it,
    it is actually usable. 

  5. Good straight forward advice for Windows 8. I thought about writing a blog
    about the same issue seeing most of what was touched upon in this Youtube
    vid is similar in Windows 7 the regedit info was invaluable. I use an i5
    with a LGA1156 motherboard and upgraded the drive to an SSHD. Really happy
    with the performance in Windows 8.1 . I’d like to add buying and after
    market cooling fan. It drops the cpu temperature down to a level where you
    will not get Not responding errors during the summer time in hotter
    climates. The other thing is to use the same type of memory. And if it
    fails memtest replace it!!!

  6. the only problem i have is when i am running fl studio in ASIO 4 ALL sound
    mode and in the middle emiddle of production fl seems to shut down the
    sound setting and then restarts icann see it because the tiny logo goes
    gray the same color as when you tick auto close device and then you clikc
    on the desktop it has the same behaviour and i dont know how to fix this
    its rather going on my nerves now :/ any idea what could it be ?

  7. Tweaking Windows 8.1 for music production – we show how you do it –

  8. Thorough tutorial thanks for sharing. 

  9. thanks for the tips! good work! 

  10. can i do the cpu bios tweaks on my Levono y580 laptop? are there any tweaks
    i cant do on a laptop? 

  11. Honestly, I don’t think touching those BIOS settings are a good idea,
    you’re usually fine with the default settings, not to mention unlocked
    overclocked CPUs. By disabling those on a overclocked system would be
    potentially dangerous and unhealthy to the CPU regardless it’s overclocked
    or not.

  12. 9:19 your product key is showing, you might want to blur that :D

  13. I had some problems in FL Studio using the ASIO4ALL interface. When I was
    making a song everything sounded good to me inside the DAW, but when I
    exported the song it just sounded weak and really ugly, I looked for help
    but I didn’t find anything about it, just one guy with the same problem
    that me, and after trying to fix this, he just turned off the ASIO4ALL and
    turned on the main card of his system, so do I and everything runs ok now,
    but I still want to understand what was the problem with that. Could you
    help me on this case?

  14. Thanks, this is a great video, i’ve been looking for something like this
    for a while. Just wish you had explained in greater depth the reasons
    behind some of these tweaks for those of us less knowledgeable 

  15. Essential Windows 8 tips for music production ->

  16. Thank you so much! I especially loved the part about the start menu =))

  17. what kind of sound interface do you use? and hows your latency in protools?
    ps. great job on the video. i loved the one on the touch monitor. 

  18. can this same settings apply to a laptop running windows 8.1?

  19. thank you someonoe with intelegance xD

  20. Thank you! That was worthwhile.

  21. there.. ;)

  22. Thank you for the tips! Very helpful. Shortcut you may enjoy – from the
    desktop hold Windows Key + X – this brings up that menu in the lower
    left-hand corner, also, most of those menu items can be launched with a

  23. I’m guessing that’s the Intel 4770k. It kicks ass. Maxing out all your
    CPU settings will lower the life of the CPU. At least that’s what they
    say. Not sure how true this statement is depending on how long before you
    upgrade your machine. 

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