Tutorial: how to unlock Nokia Lumia 920 or any Windows Phone 8*

Tutorial: how to unlock Nokia Lumia 920 or any Windows Phone 8*

these steps are universal across WP8. However, it might not be possible to get an unlock code for your phone(certain carrier restricts it). In that case …
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  1. Thank you very much. This was very easy to follow instructions. Greatly
    appreciate you posting this video.

  2. Does this still work or has it been abandoned? To use software download
    what is the cost per unlock?

  3. Como puedo hacer un nokia modelo :520.2 de Américano a Telcel porfa

  4. You can unlock your phone with t mobile and other company’s before you have
    to pay now is free

  5. Guys i have a unlock code from at&t and whenever i enter the code it says
    sim error and then i get 9 attempts for a correct code input. However when
    i try to enter the same code again the attempts counter does not change to
    8 and my phone doesn’t unlock also. Plz help

  6. pour simon

  7. nokia lumia 625 digicel

  8. Do you know if you can install a custom Operating System that will ignore
    the”SIM Lock”, There must be a way to get the phone unlocked free by
    hacking it. There should be something in the bootup “self check” that tells
    the phone to look for the Network SIM Card and with their PRL it would keep
    it on their system. One theory is if you installed a 100 percent Nokia
    software and no bloatware or Carrier Software it would not look for their
    PRL List or SIM Card. What’s your thought on this?

  9. Good video guy but does it works in Estonian too ? Example,with carriers ,i
    have EMT , have too Tele2 and more .Can i unlock my win phone for this

  10. mine said it would take 3 to 10 days and it was 49.99

  11. You can unlock your phone with t mobile and other company’s before you have
    to pay now is free

  12. Does this works on ATT’s 920?

  13. My Lumia 520 says incorrect code the first time, and then invalid sim the
    second, the sim works because it’s in my other phone currently working, im
    in the UK by the way, and the lumia is locked to Vodafone, they have sent
    me the code and thats what it says ^ they’ve double checked the code, and
    ive double checked i sent them the correct IMEI they said its definately
    correct, and i definately sent them the correct IMEI what’s wrong with it?

  14. Hmmm, when I unlocked my Lumia, all I did was call AT&T and they gave me a
    code. I didn’t pay anything. However, since it was a new phone, they told
    me that I have to call again around May 2013. I called AT&T about the code
    around January of 2013. At that time, the phone was only 2 months old. It’s
    unlocked now.

  15. they were unable to find me a code

  16. there’s no unlock for at&t

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