Tiny7 OS Review – Lightweight Windows 7 for Older PCs

Tiny7 OS Review - Lightweight Windows 7 for Older PCs

Ever wanted to repurpose that old Windows XP computer lying around? Concerned with the security of your old operating system but can’t afford new hardware for a modern OS? Well, Tiny7 is the…
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  1. I installed this on a VM and gotta say, it’s fantastic.

    I gave it old PC specs (512mb RAM, 80GB HDD etc.) and it worked quite

    Though the lack of the sidebar takes some getting used too.

  2. Can I use this to turn my old computer into a server?

  3. Eh… I’ll just install Linux.

  4. I will do a test on Windows XP 64bit and Windows 7 64bit

  5. Help me, I don’t have sound and wi-fi on my Tiny7. What should I do?
    It’s on VirtualBox 2GB Ram 1 core of my processor and 256mb video

  6. I need to know what virtual machine you are using.
    Please give me a response!!!

  7. can u install .net 3.5 and google chrome?

  8. Want to install a modern OS on that old Windows XP PC lying around? Tiny7,
    Win 7 with a small footprint, is the OS for you!

  9. Wish it was comparable with armv6 processor, then I could install it on my
    raspberry pi

  10. im using that OS now…but i have dualbooted with windows 8.1…..you can
    also use aero if you have graphics drivers…

  11. if you are going to show a video about an os why don’t you leave a link to
    download in the description?

  12. Whats with the RCOS?

  13. Having Microsoft updates enabled and working would defeat the purpose of a
    “tiny” OS, because updates would cause WinSxS to bloat up. A 64-bit OS
    would also have higher memory usage and disk footprint. You don’t get a
    “tiny” OS if you already have 5 or more gigs of ram and therefore would
    benefit 64-bit.

    I am not convinced that this custom OS offers anything unique apart from
    the smaller ISO image. But let’s face it, if you don’t have a DVD drive,
    you can still use a program that runs setup from the hard drive
    (winntsetup2) or set up a bootable USB stick. You can disable services in a
    standard installation, and, as you found out, you still had to go there to
    re-enable Network Neighborhood functionality.

    A standard Windows 7 installation takes up 5 gigs not counting the swap
    file (size depends on how much memory there is), and uses 250 megs of RAM
    after unnecessary services have been disabed. Not that big of a difference.

    While there are reasons to use Seven, such as vital applications that don’t
    work under NT5, a computer with 512 megs of RAM is much better off with XP.

  14. Can you give me download link please?

  15. How do you activate it?

  16. Nice video man 

  17. nope i am keeping my xp right where it is

  18. I install tiny7 on a mid 2006 iMac. I do the updates and im no longer
    genuine. so i try to use windows loader. it fails. Please i need some

  19. Sir, what is the latest version of your release? I’m using rev01, but I
    heard it can’t play GTA IV, is that true? I have tested it on PES
    2013/2014, CoD , Dota 2 ,and all of them works flawlessly. Thank you

  20. Nice video! Now i also have found the best alternative to an server
    computer 😉 was going to use linux first but teamspeak dosent support it
    and use it with wine is crap so this is it going to be insted 😉

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