The New Lenovo ThinkPad 8 — First Look with Kevin Beck

The New Lenovo ThinkPad 8  -- First Look with Kevin Beck

First Look, offers a deep dive into the features and technology of new Think brand products. In this episode, our host Kevin Beck talks with Alysia Baker, pr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Seriously, DESKTOP EXPERIENCE? How many of you run your DESKTOP off
    BATTERIES while you are at your desk? Because like every other 8″ Windows
    8 tablet on the market, this tablet only has ONE USB port and if you have
    that plugged into a USB HUB (what they are calling a dock, a dock is
    something you put your computer into) then you have NO POWER to the

  2. ADVISE FOR LENOVO: If you’re going to advertise this as a business class
    PC and claim it can dock, tell us what the Dock model number is, and more
    importantly, can the dock charge the Thinkpad 8 while connected to USB
    devices. (i.e., external drives, USB ethernet card). I just got it last
    week, and it works great, but only one USB port for either charging or
    interconnecting is really inconvenient. Also, please be straight forward
    as to whether simultaneous charging & connecting is even possible. I have
    tried several cable setup combinations, mixed with different Y-adapters,
    with no successful results.

    Does anyone out there have a solution to or know of a dock that can provide
    simultaneous charging-connecting of the Micro USB 3.0 on this device?


  4. LOL, are they holding a working model or just a empty shell? hahaha

  5. mhm mhm yea mhm yea mhm mhm mhm yea mhm

  6. What is the dock model number? Lenovo’s website doesn’t have any that
    support this tablet.

  7. Is there a forward facing camera? Conferencing is no fun if you can’t see
    the screen.

  8. Where is the included stylus? Just 8 hours of battery… what about 18
    hours, like the yoga one?

  9. Hmmhh yup yup yeah hmm can someone filming tell him to stop talking while
    she is….

  10. I want this…

  11. I want this tablet!!! Super nice #LenovoThinkPad8

  12. Awsome awsome!

  13. No wacom actice digitizer?

  14. Will it charge the device when connected to the dock that you’re talking
    about? Otherwise, what’s the point?

  15. I always hear lenovo saids that they will have cellular model but it never
    comes to carriers. Buy it online?

  16. What about 3G / 4G? And phone / texting functions?

  17. No pen? Why? Thinkpad should be a high-end product but without pen, it just
    another crap product

  18. Right… mmmhmmm… right…. mmmhmmm….right… Right… mmmhmmm…
    right…. mmmhmmm….right….very cool……Right… mmmhmmm… right….
    mmmhmmm….right…Right… mmmhmmm… right….
    mmmhmmm….right…awesome, awesome….

  19. whoopee freaking doo! no wacom digitizer…take my money Asus vivo note 8..
    This could have been a perfect tablet..damn you Lenovo

  20. Improvements needed:
    1) 4 GB of RAM instead of 2 GB. It is INDISPENSABLE FOR ANY WINDOWS 8 OS
    2) Microsoft Office should be on it I assume.

  21. I’m not a big fan of using an active stylus, so I’m ok with that being left
    out, that’s what my Bluetooth mouse is for. As far as using it in the hand
    as a traditional tablet, Modern UI is better at that and it’s capacitive
    friendly; I only use the desktop while sitting in one place. This shall be
    my 8″ (or 8.3″, technically) tablet since I need something that fits easily
    in a small to medium sized purse and the Venue 8 Pro and Miix has no HDMI
    out and the Encore, while it does have microHDMI, is the cheapest looking
    ugliest device imaginable.

  22. 1200×1920 resolution, woohoo! Finally, retina-quality screen for Windows 8
    devices. Now here’s hoping Windows 8 scaling doesn’t suck a big one.

  23. absolutely absolutely absolutely lol does she know any other words

  24. Im buying this for sure.

  25. But can you charge it while using the usb 3.0 dock?

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