The Awesome Responses of Cortana on Windows Phone 8

The Awesome Responses of Cortana on Windows Phone 8

For her new impersonations check out my other video. Check this video for her animal impersonations and riddles. …
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  1. Damnit. My inner halo fanatic is screaming to get this phone now. Damn you
    microsoft! DAMN YOU

  2. Which Lumia is that?

  3. Does it tell u anything useful

  4. All those questions and you didn’t say “I need a weapon”? COME ON, MAN!

  5. Can’t believe I just watched 20 minutes of that.

  6. That was sort of good fun. In UK we just got 8.1 update…but no Cortana! I
    could live with american version. Humor is pretty good. And no errors in 20

  7. Ask her: “does bitch want to make me a sandwich?”

  8. Cortana has a sense of humour.

  9. Wayyy better than Siri and Google Now.

  10. Wow my phone wont find windows 8.1 update :( 

  11. Si instalo la “Preview For Developers” podria alguien decirme por favor si
    podria llegar a tener problemas con la garantia de mi telefono? Tengo un
    Nokia Lumia 720 con WP8. Agradezco su respuesta

  12. I try to ask her questions but she just display searching results instead
    of the vocal answers

  13. de 1 al 10 que tan impresionante es cortana ?

  14. As you can see, Cortana is still in beta! We must expect more! :D

  15. For the “Can I kiss you?”
    one of the answers should be, “I hope you like the taste of glass.”

  16. I can just imagine you leaving the house without your phone, then your
    phone spends the whole time you’re away playing Halo.

  17. She’s awesome! Ask more Halo-related questions.

  18. Did she just turned into a clippy in 18:04?

  19. Cortana is awsome!


  21. Him: Whos your boss?
    Cortana: That would be you
    Him: Damn right >:D

  22. I’m having a Halo orgasm

  23. At 8:53 cortana almost thought he said “suck ass” instead of “sarcastic”

  24. I’m getting a windows phone now.

  25. Who is your boss?
    That would be you.
    Damn right.

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