SSD vs HDD Boot Time – CoconutMNKY gets his first SSD!

SSD vs HDD Boot Time - CoconutMNKY gets his first SSD!

Disclaimer: Yes, we know that Win 8.1 boots faster than Windows 7, but not by MUCH… Also, I am aware of ASUS boot options regarding SATA and Quickboot etc. Take this video for what it is,…
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Dell XPS 13 TouchScreen Laptop, Intel Core i5-4210U Processor 1.7 GHz, 8GB Ram, 13-inch Touch Screen, 128GB SSD, HD Graphics, Windows 8.1
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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E455 20DE001PUS 14″ A6-7000 8GB RAM 500GB SSD Windows 7 Pro Business Laptop Computer
Computer Upgrade King sells computers with upgraded configurations. If the computer has modifications (listed above), then the man…
Lenovo Flex 14 59395988 Laptop Computer, (4th Generation 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5-4200U processor, 8 GB memory, 128GB SSD, windows 8, black and silver)
The Lenovo Flex 14 is a unique, thin and light, dual-mode laptop that flips 300 degrees from laptop to stand mode. Its a perfect w…
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E555 20DH002QUS 15.6″ AMD Dual Core A6-7000, 8GB RAM, 256GB Solid State Drive, Windows 7 Pro Laptop Computer, 1 Year Warranty
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  1. SSD was one of the best upgrades I have ever made. If you don’t have one
    yet, GET ONE! Its so damn worth it.

  2. Dont hate me for this but Im getting sick of seeing all these people post
    there “builds” they are saving up for and asking if they are good when they
    are like i7 4770k with 2 gtx 780Ti.. Seriously if you dont know if high
    these high end parts are good you shouldnt be building yet, you should
    still be doing research. Its so annoying to see people be like im planning
    on building a asus maximus VII hero with 2 titan blacks and a i7.. Sorry
    that I said the same thing twice and ranted a little but It gets so
    annoying. I almost feel like those people are trying to troll or

  3. really wasn’t a fair comparison if you ask me, would have been more fair if
    you cloned the existing drive to the ssd and compared times, not a fresh

  4. Well @CoconutMNKY got his first SSD, Let’s all welcome him to 2011! :)

  5. CoconutMNKY should be featured more. Like a buddy in all his videos. 

  6. My HDD boots my PC in 25sec

  7. How do you type in the Windows-Key? Because you have it on a Stick. Let me
    know pls

  8. Is the i7 960 or FX-6300 better for gaming?

  9. racist

  10. 2011? How about 2014? lol

  11. Expensive 2011 = Cheap 2015

  12. What’s with that “silence redefined” sponsor ad? Is Fractal Design up to

  13. What case is Coconut using?

  14. Windows 7 boots up in 10 seconds. No time to pee!

  15. I don’t know how I can upgrade to an SSD that is 250gb or even 500gb since
    my on my Terabyte hard drive I am using 931GB. :0

  16. How come you installed a new OS? Do you have to do this when you install an

  17. If I have a whole bunch of stuff on my HDD, then when I get an SSD and
    install Windows on it, will all that other stuff still be on my HDD or will
    I have to format it?

  18. I dunno man, I still don’t think it’s worth spending 60 bucks to save a
    minute or so off booting and loading programs, I’d rather have another TB
    of space in my rig.

  19. I have a question for you Jay… Why are you SOO DAMN RACIST!

  20. Wtf did you guys see skin color of that guy in beginnin :DD Look the right
    guy he has white skin xD

  21. I got a Sandisk Ultra Plus 128GB this year as an OS drive, I really can’t
    go back to mechanical hard drives.

  22. as u said.. lame to test a used install vs a new install AND SSD :)

  23. I have a 7200RPM drive with Windows 8.1 and my boot time is literally just
    10 seconds (quick boot off). I really see no need to upgrade to an SSD.

  24. Windows 8.1, so a good chunk of games just won’t run

  25. RE UPLOAD?

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