SF’s Hammer Tutorials – Optimization 3: Areaportals

SF's Hammer Tutorials - Optimization 3: Areaportals

Learn how to optimize your levels using areaportals. Rundown First we learn what areaportals are and tie an areaportal to a door. Then we look at the most co…
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  1. What if i have many rooms with windows…but the windows are unbreakable
    do i need to place areaportal on the windows too?

  2. I feel silly, but when I make areaportals for doorways the compiler always
    says that they do not touch two areas, I always double check them and there
    is no physical fault they DO touch two areas, I’m not sure if this is a bug
    or if I am doing something wrong…

    (I map for L4D1 and use Valve Batch Compile Tool)

  3. If the walls are func_detail, will it still work? 

  4. @Termikxs I’ll add that to the request list, thanks!

  5. @neilb96 It sounds like you’re in “solids” select mode. Check what button
    is pressed in the top right. If “object” or “group” is selected you should
    be able to select your entities, in “solids” mode you only select the
    brushes, not the entities. Hope that solves your problem.

  6. @N0biKn0bi That sounds weird… That texture is used on any surface that it
    doesn’t find the texture image for. Are you sure it’s the area portals that
    are causing this?

  7. @Silwerfish The problem was fixed in /Tools – Options – General – Window
    setup – Use indeblablabla but thanks anyway. Ey e du svensk? I cant use my
    flashlight! i mean the “F” flashlight your character have in-game! you know
    how to fix it? :)

  8. Thanks! This was very helpful!

  9. BIG ths for your answer… I have last(i think it’s not last) question..
    I’m from Russia, and could translate all your guides into Russian on my own
    website and post a link to your youtube channel… So my question is „Would
    you like to allowed to do it for me???”

  10. What about func_areaportal_window ? I tried to use them but i can’t see
    anything throught them O.o

  11. ths a lot… Usefull… How I had say, I’m noob in hammer editor, and
    trying to do smth original… So I have one more question 4 you =) How to
    make teleport? I cant link teleport entrance and exit… Thnks for your

  12. @slavotyk Yeah, set up an npc_maker entity in any way you want it. Should
    be quite easy to understand how it works I think.

  13. @jxSTARRRR @minilandstan thanks!

  14. @omnacky Yeah, I read that you use the technique I talked about above even
    for those kinds of leaks as well. So try it out and see if it works.

  15. @slavotyk create a brush, select it, press ctrl + t, make it a
    trigger_teleport, when the player touches this he will teleport to your
    target. Select the entity tool and make a info_target (or an
    info_teleport_destination) entity where you want the player to end up, give
    this entity a name. In your trigger_teleport, set “start disabled” to
    “false”, and set “target” to the name of your info_target. That should work
    I think, let me know if you run into any problems.

  16. thanks

  17. @Kazaanh You have to make absolutely sure that you can’t go from one side
    of the areaportal to one of the other sides of the areaportal (even if you
    have to go through the whole map to get around to the other side). If you
    can you have to make another areaportal to block the player.

  18. @Silwerfish Yeah ive doen and its only restoring the “front” windows size.

  19. @kallesbaksatt Hm, but then the other three views should become visible?
    Ctrl + A should restore all four views to their original size.

  20. @Dradly Yep it works with NPCs as far as I know.

  21. What if you use it somewhere you CAN see? 😛 things will be invisible!

  22. @omnacky Yes, after compiling the level and the compiler has found the
    leak, press Map > Load Pointfile (or something like that) and it should
    display a red line in Hammers 3D and 2D views showing you where the leak is.

  23. @soldierrob909 Do you mean fog? If you do then you need to use the
    env_fog_controller entity, in its properties there is a “Far Z Clip Plane”
    property that determines at what distance the map will start/stop
    rendering. Hope that helps!

  24. @soldierrob909 You should be able to look in your compile log to see at
    what stage something goes wrong, maybe you can find out more information
    from there to help you solve the problem. If you want help checking the
    log, there are many forums out there where you can post the log and have
    others look at it to try find your problem. I can suggest interlopers,net.

  25. @IcoVir I’ll add that to the request list, thanks!

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