Setting Up a RAID 0 – [2x256GB OCZ Vector SSD]

Setting Up a RAID 0 - [2x256GB OCZ Vector SSD]

My first video in a while, Apologies. This is a setup of my new 512GB RAID 0, on a GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H motherboard. This storage setup is going to be used for my Windows 8 Installation and games, …
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  1. Okay, so…I’m a derp.
    my rig is a i7 5820, with a gigabyte x99-gaming 5 motherboard. 32g of ddr4
    RAM and 2 512 gb SSd of internal drives.

    Bios was being a bitch in not allowing me to boot with anything in the 3.0
    or other USB ports, minus the front (BIOS ports)

    I figured an update would fix this, but it completely changed my RAID 0

  2. +bleedinsixcolours So I have two SSDs that I’m going to put in raid 0. but
    they’re not fresh out of the box. Do I have to manually wipe them? Or will
    that happen when I’m setting them up for raid?

  3. hello friend,i have the same bios as you ,but i am afraid to do that
    because i dont know what driver i need after creation raid 0(at the
    installation of windows ) ,is it something like that (AMD RAID Driver ) ? i
    have GA-F2A88XM-HD3 motherboard ..thanks in advance!

  4. the RAID 0 will it double increase read and write?

  5. Is it much trouble to load windows onto the RAID drive from the ssd or HDD
    that I was booting from previously? Perhaps I would need to set up the RAID
    drives in bios and enter the OS to transfer the Windows OS and All my files
    from one to the other and than just change the boot drive?

  6. My PC boots up in less than 10 seconds Windows 7 Ultimate. I only have 1

  7. you’re a wizard harry

  8. hi, proper video man. One thing though, I’ve a gigabyte g1.sniper b5, with
    a similar bios as yours. However I don’t see the option RAID at SATA Mode
    Selection in the blue coloured bios. When I switch over to the green one,
    it does give me the option to set RAID. When I reboot and hold cntrl + i,
    nothing happens. You said you reverted your bios, how did you do this?
    Thank you in advance. BTW I installed Windows 7 prior to trying to build a
    raid array, but have wiped all my harddrives now.

  9. Hi, also running a dual boot hackingtosh. If I boot the bios into RAID
    (rather than ACHI) does OSx still boot? The raid disks won’t be for OSx but
    I want to make sure I can still boot into it. 

  10. well done mate. I have been looking for this type of help for a couple of
    days now. Thank you very much.

  11. this is intense man great benchmark.. 😉

  12. Hey, Nope dude Im using this IN my hackintosh yes, but I’m using it for
    Windows 8. You can set up a RAID 0 for OS X, if you search ‘Bob Roche’ and
    look up a RAID guide on his channel and is what I will be doing soon. I
    actually have big plans, to separate my Gaming PC and Hackintosh, as well
    as get a few more monitors so if I get the money together, expect that
    video which should be awesome :)

  13. No, you cannot create a RAID like this for OS X; if you search Bob Roche on
    YouTube he has an excellent guide on setting up a hackintosh RAID :)

  14. Does this work with Mac osx

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