Reset Windows 8 & 8.1 to Factory Default Settings [HD][How To][Tutorial][Step by Step Guide]

Reset Windows 8 & 8.1 to Factory Default Settings [HD][How To][Tutorial][Step by Step Guide]

Windows 8 gives all users no matter manufacturer or brand an easy way to Reset their PC back to default settings. This quick tutorial shows you how to do jus…
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    tabs came up and crashed my laptop thanks you saved it’s life 

  2. How long does it take? 

  3. mine says that some files are missing and the media or something will
    provide those files someone help i really need to reset my computer

  4. What do i do if i do not have the CDs that are meant to come with the PC?

  5. i dont see the reset option only the restrart

  6. There’s no general when I go to PC settings

  7. when i click on setting it never opens, it flashes on screen for a split
    second and closes. help!

  8. but it keeps saying i need to be logged in as an administrator

  9. i go onto the settings and there is no general tab …?

  10. dude thank you so much you saved my computers life!!!!! ty ty ty you just
    earned a sub! 😀 

  11. guys will it delete windows as well?

  12. Uhm, I’ve restored to factory default because of some technical issues in
    my software, but when I re-install Google Chrome, it’s so much laggy, and
    it freezes. Any particular reason why it’s doing that?

  13. Ive restored to factory default twice before, now I try and it says insert
    media? wtf.

  14. I desided to download a game and it brought a virus to my browser. So since
    I have only had my laptop for a day I desided to do this. It’s been on 1%
    for a long time. Help!

  15. it delete person data app and game?

  16. When I click change PC settings it does nothing.

  17. can i use a usb instead of disc?

  18. Do you lose microsoft office too?

  19. So the pc i have is in a weard way a school pc. And i dont have the cd..
    Because the school did not gave that to Wath to do then cant i
    reset the computer? 

  20. Does this remove your windows 8 ?

  21. thank you so much fucking much your my hero for showing me gosh thumbs up
    to your video

  22. Mine wont go back to factory settings for some reason don’t know why I’ve
    tried everything and nothing has happened does anyone know how to fix this

  23. How without the cd?

  24. Mine didn’t say inset media files so will it just do without it 

  25. Please can someone help me i click get started then fully clean my drive
    then reset and it says There was a problem resetting your pc no changes

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