Optimizing Perfomance in Nvidia Control Panel for Gaming

Optimizing Perfomance in Nvidia Control Panel for Gaming

Subscribe for more ^-^ i’m sorry for my bad english i’m from indonesia and still 13 years old , you can download the driver on nvidia.co.uk/Downlo…
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  1. If (ONLY IF) you are intersted to how to optimize your Nvidia graphic card
    PC (with windows 7 nvidia gamer edition), you have to watch my video about

  2. thnx bro i have 4046mb 

  3. such stupid video u just redo it this is bullshit

  4. Thanks it was something like 1140/50 dunno! but now its 3524!
    YAY!!! thanks a lot!

  5. you’re probably 14 now

  6. could you tell me what is the song called?

  7. can’t open the control panel….

  8. Thats not optimizing the graphic card.

  9. my nvidia just keeps restoring it self to default setting after i close it

  10. thnx bro :)

  11. buat assasin creed 4 masih lag

  12. Hello
    You Have Wrong Mistake on Physx Selecting you Must Put it on the Auto
    Select it might Cause laggy effect on some games

  13. i cant open Nvidia control panel why ?

  14. i got 1.6gb but now 3.7gb thanx man………..

  15. just ok

  16. Amazing ! This worked 😀

  17. makasih gan

  18. O don’t have the Video Task! How to get it?

  19. thanks,dont forget for subscribe :D/

  20. SAME SPECS dude :v , i have ASUS 43SD

  21. sorry if the text so small first you have install nvidia graphics , and
    open nvidia control panel change it to nvida setting and for manage setting
    change it to Nvidia high perfomance

  22. Ok thanks bro, 😀

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