Nokia Lumia 520: Windows Phone 8.1 Installation & Tour

Nokia Lumia 520: Windows Phone 8.1 Installation & Tour

I apologize about this video being very late. The shitty YouTube uploader never seems to work properly for me. Anyways, here is a video of the installation a…
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  1. +EatenSniperGuy Lumia all the way. The Moto G is pretty shit.

  2. New video. It’s an install and tour of Windows Phone 8.1 on my Lumia 520.
    Sorry for it being late.

  3. Are you Aussie???

  4. my phone is downloading a update till 40% and it is showing an update
    couldnt be downloaded. please suggest me wat to do

  5. plz tell me how to delete contacts from contact list from nokia lumia 520
    window 8.1

  6. Hello, I just upgraded from 8 black to 8.1 cyan and I noticed something
    wrong with my phone.
    Yeah is better nothing to say, but in the past I used to have a ME icon in
    the contact, now is all gone.
    I unpinned the tile with Me from the Start yesterday and now is gone
    forever. Googled all the internet about how to put it back, but all I can
    find is about Windows 8 (Contacts -> me, the first position from the list)
    but now, is gone, and I can’t find it.
    Does anybody know how to restore my ME tile back? Is there any chance?

    Another problem is they removed a very useful thing for me. In the past I
    used to receive and send messages on facebook from the Message feature. Now
    is all gone. Any idea about how put it back?

    An the final one… On my Android devices I have Me, with all my contact
    data, in the fist position of the list but I can edit all my phone numbers
    and e-mail’s and addresses, etc.. Does Windows 8.1 does have such a thing?
    I can’t find it. Sure was the Me position but without phone number detail,
    only to check in and post a facebook update.

    It really bothers me to put myself in the Contacts just any regular
    contact. I tried anything, I can’t find any option not in my phone or on my
    live account.

    I’m not a noob, I made tons of research, but simply I can’t find this
    Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Hi Jack,

    I followed the instruction that you said in this video. Some how I’m not
    getting the license agreement page when my phone is updating. I’m getting
    just 6 update, but in this video I can see there was 19 updates was
    available. I couldn’t understand after updating my phone is still running
    with windows 8.0.10532.166 version.

    Please help me jack to update my phone, Please give me your Skype ID if you
    have I want to talk to you over Skype. 

  8. Hi! My lumia 520 is updated to Win8.1 few months ago and I like it so
    much,but I’m thinking of factory reset for some lag reason. Does the update
    of win8.1 will also be deleted?. pls help.

  9. we can update in data connection

  10. Download Transparent Tiles app if you like the background on the Start

    Thank me later.

  11. I can update Jake ur is what Lumia

  12. Nice video, I’m installing 8.1 atm :)

  13. if theres a prob can i downgrade to windows phone 8?

  14. I have a problem with my lumia 520 in central notificaion dont apperas the
    option to add facebook or twitter, besides the push notificaiones I no
    longer get the update to 8.1 if you know how to fix this problem?
    this is my mail

    PD: sorry for my bad english 

  15. Well they’ve made it better but they are definitely taking all of apple’s

  16. hey how did you fix the cortana? its doesn’t with me

  17. hi Jack, I got the update today on my 520 and since I updated to 8.1 it
    keeps freezing when on YouTube or Facebook, any advice would be greatly
    appreciated :)

  18. I already downloaded and installed it but when it turned on it’s still 8.0,
    What can I do about this??

  19. Send me a link

  20. whats that battery app called?

  21. Hey
    PLEASE help me. i want to update my 520 to 8.1 i also contact Nokia care
    center. they told that 8.1 is not available for 520. So what to do

  22. the link is crap no download where ..exactly is it

  23. It’s unresponsive because it’s a developer preview. Nokia/Windows should
    release device-specific updates (like Amber and Black). You should do
    factory reset to get best experience. Many people are updating Lumia phones
    right now and have issues. I think they will improve everything soon.

  24. Ok now the update is completed!

    There is an another issue. I can’t see the serial number to dial *#06#.
    Also my IMS is not registered. Now what to do….please advise.

  25. I have a nokia 521 but i cant download things could u help me

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