Nokia Lumia 1520 running Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia Lumia 1520 running Windows Phone 8.1

We take a look at the Nokia Lumia 1520 running the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Head to WPCentral for more info…
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  1. Very nice! My 1520 is looking forward to meeting you, 8.1

  2. Is there an Windows 8.1 update for Huawei Ascend W1?

  3. Can I haz one?

  4. can these phones save gifs? I heard they didnt :/

  5. i had numerous problems with cyan update until i did hard reset of my lumia
    1520 and reinstalled all my programs in fact it was soo bad i was going to
    downgrade however the reset and clean install if apps has made a remarkable
    difference battery life normal again too.

  6. 1520 has a charging problem after WP 8.1 which is sometime the phone will
    stop right there when I connected to the charger no matter laptop or
    socket, until restart the phone then it’ll back to normal. After hard
    formatted the problem still there, is this the bug?

  7. It is a smartphone or tablet? As a smartphone is too big, too small as a

  8. I want to try windows phone but tmobile only has the 925 and thats too old
    now, wondering when they might get a new device

  9. Windows Mobile is worst without YouTube from Google inc…..

  10. Im really hoping Nokia or Microsoft brings out another high end device here
    very soon. Im crossing my fingers for a 1020 replacement or another phone
    not as big as the 1520. If they don’t I guess I’ll have to buy the 1520.
    Which isn’t bad either. 

  11. They removed facebook integration on the Me app… now it takes more time
    to make a quick status update. Also, you have to update each of your social
    network one by one. no more post to all :( 

  12. i am planing to buy this device in the next few month but i need to know if
    the update is official now and everyone can update it , iwant to have a
    windows phone but i want it with the new update , can some one tell me is
    it official or not ?

  13. There should have been an option to have four column of tiles with its
    screen size.

  14. 1520 or 830… im afraid if i go with 1520 instead of 830 which is the
    latest phone, it might not get further update or maybe there is something
    that not compatible with the 1520 in it 8.1 update…please help me make a

  15. damn it.. would have been way better if they would just let us scroll left
    and right through the notification tiles, not just give us either 4 or 5
    depending on resolution :-( oh microsoft… why you hatin ?

  16. Noob question: Will it work on Lumia 520?

  17. I can’t wait to get the update on my lumia 620, im still waiting to buy my
    thurd windowsphone, but the new phones are just to big :/

  18. Looks nice..But to be honest looks like a catch up update.

  19. Motorola

  20. The 1520 is an awesome beast! No looking back! Goodbye Apple and Samsung! 

  21. Been running the WP8.1 dev preview on my 1520 since it came out. Takes the
    already awesome 1520 up to a whole new level. I cannot get enough of it.
    Totally rules!

  22. U

  23. Yes, keep eating the battery similar to Microsoft Eater Co., …lol

  24. have to say I realm love using the 1520. Takes a bit of research to find
    great apps but I’m not missing android. Screen is fantastic and the camera
    is great too. Love the instant backup to my computer via wifi.

  25. how do you update on the nokia 1520? I have it but can’t seem to figure out

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