My Hard Drive Doesn’t Show Up Windows 7 FIX – Western Digital Hard Drive Not Detected

My Hard Drive Doesn't Show Up Windows 7 FIX - Western Digital Hard Drive Not Detected

WD Passport Hard Drive: Other Hard Drives: Camtasia Screen Recorder: *************************************************************…
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  1. Very Clear

  2. Seems like an excessive introduction. Almost 4 minutes to say … hey maybe
    your drive doesn’t have a letter assigned to it.

  3. Perhaps I’ve bigger problem: I can’t see my WD Passport neither on Disk
    I can feel on my hand the hard drive moving, the little light is on but
    there’s no sign of my WD Passport on Win 7 neither on iMac. Have you got
    any tips? Ciao

  4. If you need to backup anything on the drive connect it to a chromebook if
    possible. Might work on linux as well but I couldn’t tell you for sure. You
    could just run a VM with chromeOS and connect the drive to that.

  5. Thanks. That helped me a lot. Nice job.

  6. you talked 19 minutes about nothing and then you said in 33
    sec.(accumulated) what was really important..stop making videos for retards
    and make them shorter..thank you & i’m sorry if i offended you

  7. great link wd passport format successful.

  8. Worked like a charm. Thanks a million. I had an old Iomega Hard Drive
    that would not be recognized anymore and this video got it working again.
    It is a little lengthy, but I’d rather it be lengthy and thorough than
    quick and missing a step or rushed where an error could occur. Thumbs up
    for sure! 

  9. THANKS!!! VERRY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thumbs up for you buddy. thank you for such a great and detailed help. 

  11. Thank you for your assistance. It was awesome, it worked and thank you for
    the details. It was as if you were reading my mind and helping me out and
    answered questions as I was performing the work. Thanks again.

  12. Works great man, thanks!

  13. my WD passport hard drive doesn’t show in disk management, I ran the WD
    data lifeguard diagnostics and the after the smart scan it showed a smart
    error fail, raw read error rate. I assume, if I can’t find my harddrive in
    the disk management then the HDD has most likely failed and there is
    nothing I can do to fix it.

  14. when i click OK on the initialize disk i get a I/O ERROR message come up
    which stops me from going into volume wizard why am i having this problem
    could u please help me its a 1TB WD Elements external HRD i have also
    attached print screens of both pages as well please help thank you 

  15. hi bro today my wd hard drive did not show up like in ur video
    but when i went to disc management this window came inizialize disk like in
    ur video 13.45 but i dont know what to do from that at the same time i cant
    format it because im a photographer i have all my photoes from my work i
    need all of them back can u pls help me its urgent i need to give the
    photoes to my clients aswell pls help me thanks

  16. Thanks mate! That drive letter solved my problem!

  17. +TipsNNTricks I do every step i formated my hard drive (no important stuff)
    when i want to initialize but it says error initialize because of I/O

  18. thank you <3

  19. Perfect, Thank you! 2 Terabyte WD Forty dollars from the local hock shop.

  20. If I’ll type “clean”, all files in disk, will disapear? 

  21. What is I/O error ??

  22. Thanks man for the video, but the problem I have is that mine was working
    just fine. In a week while I experienced a slow response from it. Now it
    does not show in My Computer but in Computer Management it says it is not
    initialized and it is unallocated!! .. I have so many things and files on
    it .. so do know any way I can open it without losing my files ?..

    one more thing .. I remember that Windows update has downloaded a new
    driver for it .. i think since then I am having this problem.. if you have
    any idea about it please let me know .. Thanks 

  23. it worked! thank you so much! My WD passport hard drive is showing up!

  24. Appreciate the help! i used “Getdataback” to recover my data and then
    followed your method to format and assign the HDD. cheers!

  25. thank you a looooot!!! you saved my live..keep on going. 

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