Learn Windows 8 in 8 minutes

Learn Windows 8 in 8 minutes

Beginners Guide to using Windows 8 on a Laptop and Tablet. Learn about Windows 8 at thewindowsclub.com/beginners-guide-windows-8-laptop-tablet Als…
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  1. I get hate but… I do NOT care
    I love windows 8 ppl just probabaly dont like it cuz they dont know how to
    use it. :)
    I have one and I love it.
    Idc if haters gonna hate meh (^_^)

  2. OK windows 8 is the worst thing on earth right now. If I have to contact
    the president to get my point across I will, and I swear to God I will!
    This is the worst computer I have ever seen. If you are thinking about
    getting one don’t. Its a piece of crap and deserves to be burned. At first
    I thought it was simple (because that bald guy fooled me) but then I
    learned that you had to be like some sort of wizard to use it. I understand
    there will be haters but my opinion and most people’s opinion is that this
    is the worst source of technology there is. If you agree with me please
    like and with your support we can bring back windows seven! And what is up
    with all those boxes and squares!??!!

  3. Just ordered a CHUWI Vi8 Win tablet / 2GB – 32 GB storage standard –
    upgradable to 64 GB storage via SD card. The tablet cost US$99 on
    AliExpress. My question? If memory is so cheap (for example, I just ordered
    AND received a 2 TB flashdrive from AliExpress for less than US$30!)…why
    don’t Win Tablets come with MORE internal storage? And, is the upgradeable
    limit REALLY 64GB? I thought Windows 8 had almost no memory limits? What
    would happen if I put a 128GB SD card into it? Also, I intend to run the
    new CHUWI Vi8 as a mini desktop (forget the CHROMEBOOK ‘cloud’ apps
    approach, I want ONBOARD apps!)…with a trackpad and USB keyboard…Bottom
    line? Microsoft has ‘underwritten’ (subsidized’ the cost of these new
    Windows 8 tablets, such as my CHUWI Vi8…so, what’s the deal with the low
    memory preinstalled on WinTabs? Seems like a conspiracy to me… Microsoft
    could BLOW ALL ANDROID tablets out of the water with a Win8 tablet with
    standard 6GB ROM and 128GB ram…Why not? What am I missing? You’ve nailed
    the interface…now – ‘go for the throat’ with big memory standard!

  4. fortunately there is a way to make windoze 8.1 work like windoze 7, but
    fuck it and use LINUX, it’s faster than windoze and it’s FREE!

  5. well i love it its so convenient to be able to see a skype call im in and
    play a game at the same time watch a tutorial and have the said thing i
    need a tutorial for its very awesome everyone should get one

  6. Worst thing is finding the Shut Down button. Is there a way of making it
    faster to use the SHUT DOWN button?

  7. Windows 8 is utter trash.. Releasing this without a desktop UI option was a
    completely brain dead move by you guys at microsoft. 

  8. All these so-called tutors are like over excited kids with a new toy.. Is
    anyone offering REAL basic help for chrissake.? I can’t even understand the
    feckin email system!!!

  9. What a Piece of TRASH! This STUPID program forces updates when you DO not
    want it to update!!! I lost all the work I was doing when I told it 3 times
    I will update later then it took over and updates and I lost everything!
    Get A MAC!

  10. Windows 8 and 8.1 are stupid. All they are doing is selling apps and don’t
    really care if anyone wants it or likes it. ( OR CAN AFFORD IT) XP was
    fine and works just fine. This new windows eight is confusing, slow, costly
    ( Not only buying the windows eight crap but everything else you use that
    has to be replaced.) Photoshop, Word , Hallmark, among many other programs
    just ain;t gonna work on Windows “CRAP” eight without spending up to
    another thousand dollars to get the programs that will work on the new
    system. Facebook and twitter and buying apps may be god for some, But I
    din’t want it or use any of it. This just plain sucks and I hope the greedy
    idiots that decided to stop supporting XP will all get fired when this
    stupid crap goes the way of ME & VISTA. 

  11. All I want is to have something as close as possible to windows 7 on my new
    laptop. Windows 8 is nothing but fluffy crap. Windows 8 seems to be
    designed to do all sorts of useless but impressive things. 

  12. What knothead thought windows 8 up?

  13. With Windows 8, we control you! Just sit back and we will do what we want
    when we want to! What could be easier!

  14. Thanks for the great tutorial to introduce windows 8 on tablet!

  15. Windows 8 is shit. Pure and simple. Give a thumbs up if you agree. I’ve
    been using it for about 6 weeks now and I’d rather pick up cold dog shit
    that pick up a laptop or whatever running Windows 8. I have to use 2
    different web browsers because not all websites work on IE so have to use
    Chrome, which is another piece of shit software that is totally crap to
    use. I just don’t understand if you have something that works, like Windows
    7, why fuck around with it? Again, give a thumbs up if you agree. You know
    I’m talking sense. We may even get them to admit they were wrong to change
    it if we get enough thumbs up, kind of like how Coca-cola had to admit they
    fucked up when they got the new recipe wrong.

  16. windows 8 sucks, and i say that with 25 years experience with computer and
    as computer repair man.

  17. How does one LAUNCH a simple EXE program?!?!?

  18. you fucked so many customer you assholes

  19. I actually like windows 8 it has a nice creative feel, but i know in my
    heart i dont like it, but i cant figure out why????

  20. I love Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 – The BEST OS ever !!

  21. Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 ??

  22. I just saw a whole load of autism. Please kill this operating system.

  23. really bad

  24. This is crap, I have decided to keep my old computer and save money for a

  25. Windows 8 is the boot loader for Windows 7. It’s a fact! Sales of windows 7
    skyrocketed after preloaded windows 8 machines hit the market.

    Why did 64 bit windows programs work on system 7, but amazingly
    incompatible on 8?

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