Install Windows 8.1 on a Mac running OS X Yosemite

Install Windows 8.1 on a Mac running OS X Yosemite

For more info see If my video helps you please like it. This video will show you how to Install Windows 8.1 on a Mac running OS X Yose…
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  1. HI magisto videos
    No problem, glad it helped out. Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and

  2. HI Rikesh Parmar
    It will be permanent as long as you keep it on your make you can just
    remove the boot camp partition if you want to remove Windows.
    Video here to explain it better.

  3. Hi Daniel Warner
    Check out the Windows support for your model of MacBook here.

  4. Hi Darren E
    Sorry I couldnt reply to you through YouTube for some reason. I would just
    make sure your SSD drive that you want to put Windows on is formatted
    You should use NTFS and you need to make sure the drive doesnt have some
    type of Apple formatting.
    Have a look at this page.
    Also let me know the exact error message.

  5. HI Darren E
    Oh did that work ? Let me know its and interesting idea.

  6. Hi Darren E
    Glad you got it working.

  7. I have installed OS X Yosemite on my 2 computers. One is working fine but
    the other doesn’t show any audio output devices and can’t change the sound
    effects also. The startup sound is still there. I have tried few things but
    nothing is working for me.
    I don’t want to backup the data and reinstall because I have some important
    software which I don’t want to reinstall. Please help me to solve the

  8. I always get a “No Bootable Device” error upon starting up on the Windows
    partition. What am I doing incorrectly?

  9. Thanks for the guide but After several days I still cannot install win 8.1!
    I found several errors and problems installing it, at the end i managed to
    solve all of them bu one: “windows could not prepare the computer to boot
    into the next phase”. Searching on the internet I found it is a very random
    issue and all the solution proposed seem not to work. Can I ask you guys
    for help?

  10. Hey there, I’m trying to get Windows 8.1 on my Late 2013 iMac running

    I get through all of the steps just fine, right up to the steps through the
    9 minute mark. Meaning, the window labelled “Installing Windows.”
    All of this happens with no errors.

    After this, as you know there is a 10 second prompt saying that windows
    will restart. When I let that happen, I get the same result as you.
    however, it’s stuck on the floating windows logo. I left that logo alone
    for 24 hours and it’s not changing at all.

    Any tips? 

  11. Hi!

    I have a macbook pro 13″ mid 09′ (with Yosemite) and i’m looking to install
    Win 8.1 Pro for school purposes. My mac has a dual drive setup (1 ssd and 1
    hdd) and no optical drive. When I load bootcamp assistant it mentions “You
    need an optical drive to install Windows” :(

    Q #1: Can I not utilize a usb drive to do the install process?
    Q #2: Can install bootcamp on my HDD which is located where the optical bay
    once was and not the main SSD where I have Mac OS X installed?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Do i need 8gig or 4gig will do?

  13. why do i get The hard disk can not be partitioned because portion files can
    not be moved 😛 :(

  14. Hi, I’ve installed as per normal, and everything came up nicely but I
    couldn’t have any internet connection, not even those “shut down”
    navigations showing up at the side panel. I plugged out my usb when I set
    up my windows the second time, does that affect it? 

  15. can you erase windows if you dont want it no more?
    does this process work with like VMware Fusion 7?

  16. شكرا لك

  17. Sound don’t work after I installed windows 8.1 on my Mac any solution for

  18. To all those trying to install Windows in Bootcamp: THIS IS THE BEST
    TUTORIAL ON YouTube. It’s the ONLY one (as far as I know) that actually
    gives you a link to download an IOS version of Windows. An IOS file is
    absolutely necessary and mystifyingly almost impossible to find. I finally
    accomplished a perfect install of Windows 8.1. A step, mentioned in the
    video, that was key for me, was to put the IOS file in my Documents folder
    PRIOR to making the USB installer. I’d tried using the ISO file on my
    desktop and it did not work. Kudos to the author. Excellent.

  19. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about Windows 8, so I’m wondering if this a
    good thing to do on my brand new 27″ non retina iMac. In the past I owned a
    PC with Win 7 pro and I still have the original disk, but lost the key
    after moving to a foreign country. On the Microsoft site there was no real
    help, but is it possible to retrieve my key by sending the disk, or
    something? The Win 8 versions range from $70-200 and that is quite a lot of
    money if you will only use Windows for (online) games.

  20. does it have to be 8 gb will 4 work

  21. hey there, i have bought the 8.1 and did the iso changeover and i have an
    8gb drive, but for some reason in the first page, the first click box
    option that says “create a windows 7 or later version install disk” is not

  22. I’m trying to download this onto my external hard drive, is there anyway to
    get it to partition my external hard drive instead of internal hard drive?

  23. Hi,

    There is a step I am missing just before the start: How to get the iSO of
    windows with your Mac?
    i know you give the link even from microsoft but so far I know I cannot
    installed a version of ISO windows simply using a Mac.
    if I do not have a dvd of windows and I want to get the ISO from windows
    website, having the key product, I need at one point to do it with a PC
    having windows, than once I was capable of downloading the ISO of windows ,
    I just move it to a usb and than I have for the purpose of my boot camp

    Am I missing something or the initial part, even though you suggest the
    link, is not applicable just using a Mac with no Windows already running?
    Thanks, I need to work out this before moving on the installation.

  24. Hey im having an issue with the product key. I purchased the 8.1 normal
    version key from the windows store and found a windows blue (are they the
    same thing?) iso to use on my usb drive since the download from the website
    was an exe.. but its telling me the key cant be verified and to check my
    installation media. What do i do? do i have to use a different iso (and i
    assume that means doing the bootcamp assistant again) what happens to the
    space i already partitioned? thanks

  25. how do i switch between screens

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