Install Mac OS X within Windows 7

Install Mac OS X within Windows 7

Today I’m going to show you how you can install Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2 within Windows without affecting windows using VirtualBox. Xcode: https://develo
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  1. After I install I get “couldn’t allocate runtime area”. I’m stumped.

  2. I want to intsall final cut pro x will it work?

  3. Please reply I am pursuing a course which requires operation on xcode and
    i cant purchase another machine as it is too much costly
    my pc config are core 2 duo,32bit,win7. can i install mac os in this config
    and which os it would be?

  4. The torrent file site is shut down! Any other way I can get the file?

  5. i followed your video, used the same Vbox version as you did, and it
    crashes when i start it up (at your video 8:30) can you help me?

  6. How did u get mac sever

  7. What do I do if it keeps saying that I need to restart my pc everytime I
    get to 8:33

  8. What if you install Mac OS, and then you download Parallel’s to download
    Windows, and then you install Mac OS from that, and the cycle goes ON and
    ON, LMAO!!!

    There will be performance spikes up the ass, LOL!!

  9. the iso hunt website is back and up

  10. I was just about to look for a second hand apple mac. Now I can save some
    cash. I didn’t know virtualbox could emulate a mac either. Very helpful.
    Thanks. Is it possible to get the sound working? Also, will final cut pro
    work on this? I just need experience in setting it up. It doesn’t have to
    work fantastically well. :)

  11. From where can we download the snow leopard disc image? The torrent file is

  12. and since the file is closed go onto and search mac os x snow
    leapord virtualbox. and select the one that is 4 gb

  13. you can even do updates just to tell everyone 

  14. “Installation Failed, there is no software to install on your machine”..
    every day i try it. every way. from every video. for 2 months

  15. only do it if you have an intel or amd computer 


  17. Can you upgrade to a newer version of os within the virtual box?

  18. it wont let me change my processor plese help

  19. it said that the snow lepard thing is shutting down

  20. Hello Thekasattack.. i got a problem .. it will not work for me..
    Its writing ,, plzz contact someone with a photo of information printet
    and then its write debugger called panic, backtrace cpu 0 frame returd
    adress (4 pontential args on stack ? 

  21. Once you download how can you switch back to windows?

  22. to do it download bittorent uttorent sucks

  23. can you turn it back to windows?

  24. its too difficult to do

  25. Xcode can’t be installed on Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.7 because Mac OS X
    version 10.8.4 or later is required.

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