HP Stream 7 Review – $99 full Windows 8.1 7 inch tablet

HP Stream 7 Review -  full Windows 8.1 7 inch tablet

Buy it on Amazon – lon.tv/nc9cm (affiliate link) Watch all of my Stream 7 videos here: lon.tv/stream7 VIDEO INDEX: 0:08 – Hardware overview and…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. i’m amazed at how cheap a tool this powerful costs .

  2. I just want a tablet to watch youtube videos and movies online and maybe
    social networking is there any way to zoom in to see the text better? Also
    is the screen HD because I like good picture quality when I’m watching

  3. Was just palying Half Life 2 on this thing. runs great. LOL. What a

  4. I’d rather HP made a deal with Microsoft so the 1 year office licence was
    ditched for 2GB of RAM. Just my opinion.

  5. How is the battery life 

  6. Does it have a 3.5 mm jack for audio??

  7. Believe it or not this tablet can actually run skyrim at about 20 fps..
    Just ordered mine off amazon :) :) :)

  8. what kind of keyboard and mouse setup are you using?

  9. Are you able to set the SD card up to be as ram?

  10. On Windows phone you get the Office app with word, Excel, one note, is here
    the same thing or must i buy it as on a computer?

  11. Intriguing. Thanks for sharing. 

  12. Tablets pretty much “have to” have IPS screens or else you wouldn’t be able
    to see much of the screen when you tried to use them while they are lying
    flat on a table.

  13. thanks for the review lon, im getting one, im a sucker for inexpensive

  14. Does it have google play or any emulators if so can you do a video on it

  15. damn they’re cheaper than android tablets now

  16. I’d use this for Steam Home Streaming! That would be awesome, but wouldn’t
    be as good as the Nvidia Shield…

  17. How low can Windows tablet prices go? HP releases a functional $99 Windows
    8.1 tablet

  18. Microsoft seem to be back on track. Making Windows license free for cheap
    devices like this make them much more affordable. I had a nexus 7 which is
    nearly twice as much as this in the UK and I hated it. Android is just
    horrible to use. You can do everything and more with windows 8. By the way,
    this is a tablet so use internet explorer and as many apps you can in the
    metro UI, not desktop. That basically solves the small icons problem.
    Microsoft also said all windows 8 devices will be free to upgrade to
    windows 10. Hats off to MS and HP for inexpensive, good quality functional

  19. Miracast might work OK with it. I used Miracast with a Dell Venue 8 Pro
    with the same resolution and it was usable on a flat screen TV.
    So, with Miracast wireless video to an HDMI TV or monitor plus bluetooth
    keyboard and mouse, it might be usable as a little desktop PC as long as
    you don’t try to multitask or open multiple browser tabs. You would be
    able to charge at the same time too.
    Not sure if using Miracast on this tablet would use up available the RAM
    and CPU and make it run even slower and hard to run an app or edit a
    document at the same time. You should test it out.
    This tablet will be probably best to use this just to watch videos and use
    use full screen Window Store apps with no multitasking attempts. 1GB RAM
    looks like it is going to be too limiting for most uses if it uses 83% of
    it’s RAM with only one blank Chrome tab running.

  20. I was thinking about a surface 2 rt but this might be a better deal.

  21. Great timing, was just searching around for full windows tablet.

    Might I suggest a review? It is another windows 8.1 tablet that is low
    priced but LOOKS really good for the price. It is called the winbook tw801.
    It is a hidden gem I found but It would be nice to hear if it is good or
    not from you.

    BTW thanks for showing this tablet, I’ve been wanting to switch to a full
    windows tablet from my nexus 7, This is a heavy consideration.

  22. No HDMI out?

  23. It should be possible to output to an external display via USB, right?

  24. Can i plug in with my usb headset? 

  25. I need a tablet or a laptop under 200$ for editing videos in Adobe Premiere
    (any type – 2.0 ~> cs6). Now I’ve heard Premiere is a big heavy programm so
    it won’t work on every device. My question is, will it work on hp stream 7?
    Will it work on a hp stream 11? If not, could you maybe recommend any
    device under 200$ – 250$ which will run Premiere?
    Thank you very much, your vids are very helpfull and I hope you can answer
    my question :)

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