How To Sync Windows Phone 8 with Outlook using Akruto Sync –

How To Sync Windows Phone 8 with Outlook using Akruto Sync - <a" src="" />

Direct Sync of Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes between Standalone Outlook and Windows Phone for devices like Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lum…
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  1. Yes! Thank you, Akruto, for making my iPhone work with contacts and the
    calendar! Finally I can use this phone for everything–awesome, awesome,

  2. Great, works like it was described. Works on win 8.1 just fine.

  3. Great tool! Perfect cloudless solution!

  4. I have two Calendars on my desktop Outlook…Office and Personal. I would
    only like to sync the Personal one with my windows 8 nokia. Same with my
    Contacts on my desktop Outlook.

    Will Akruto allow you to selectively sync only a subset of the Calendars
    and Contacts on your desktop? If not, does it replicate the folders on my
    windows 8 phone? That would be acceptable.

  5. What if I want to switch from Wi-Fi sync to Internet sync, or vice versa?

  6. Does Akrutosync work with Windows 8.1 phones?

  7. very impressed with this info. searched all over trying to find out how to
    synch contacts FROM windows phone and nobody knew – synching it with
    outlook really simple :-) THANK YOU.

  8. Won’t open the webbrowser address to download certificate.

  9. So it synchs only when at home via wifi?

  10. This is really amazing!

  11. Tran, we will be happy to assist you and anyone who needs help with Akruto
    Sync. To make sure your question is handled by the most qualified person,
    please contact use the “Contact Us” section of our website. Our support
    engineers are always happy to help.

  12. Thanks!

  13. I’ve just installed Akruto trial version on my laptop, at the first time,
    it’s seem done well. but when I closed Akruto window and reopened it, then
    added task as well as meeting schedules on my outlook 2013. Consequently, I
    was quite disappointed because after more than 5 minutes, there are no
    changes on my windows phone. The Status item still displays “None” instead
    of “In Progess”. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  14. ???

  15. It uses the web or home network to sync instead of a USB cable. I guess
    that if you choose your network the sync will not work outside of your
    Wi-Fi hotspot. But how does it find your PC if you choose to sync over the
    Internet? Is it using the cloud? The video also doesn’t tell us how we can
    select what items will be synced or not synced. Hopefully, the company can
    answer these questions.

  16. Thanks for the clear tutorial.. It worked for my new Lumia-620.. However,
    my Outlook has Notes items.. Is it possible to Sync them..??

  17. thanks for your guide!

  18. I like this direct Outlook sync. It actually works!

  19. Great job, Akruto! Love your local full sync product. Your video is too
    long but it was helpful to set up. Great work!

  20. Thanks for this outlook sync without cloud. Works nicely with my Nokia 920!

  21. With the Internet option, your phone uses a DNS name to connect directly to
    your computer (see our User Guide for instructions).  No matter whether
    you synchronize over your home network or the Internet, Akruto Sync does
    not use the cloud. In the future, we’ll add more videos to describe
    synchronization over the Internet and answer other questions. Our User
    Guide and the FAQ page of our website can answer many questions you may

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