How to Speed up your Computer Windows 8.1 Update 1 & Speed up your Laptop- Free & Easy

How to Speed up your Computer Windows 8.1 Update 1 & Speed up your Laptop- Free & Easy

See how to speed up your computer and get improved internet performance too. See how to speed up your PC and how to speed up your laptop just by these few steps. In this software video tutorial…
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  1. I cant find power saving settings im useing a toshiba

  2. Do I have to keep defraging my hard drive everytime I log in to my

  3. How to Speed up your Computer Windows 8.1 Update 1 & Speed up your

  4. The high performance really helped thank you

  5. Why defrag? So slow to finish that’s true helpful?
    Reply back thanks :)

  6. How to speed up RECOVERING your sanity in dealing with metro screen:
    1. Install classic start from
    congrats. NOw you have a CLASSIC REAL windows start menu to actually get
    more done much easier and much quicker..especially searching for things.
    2. LEARN your hotkeys.
    ctrl+shift+esc= taskmanager
    Win logo button aka start button on keyboard+ x = ” a menu pop up with a
    lot of useful variety of things on click away”
    ctrl+ w = closes MOST tabs and windows be it in Windows Explorer, internet
    browsers, etc.
    Google the rest. Enjoy :D

  7. Thanks your the best :’)

  8. thank you

  9. My laptop suck so bad it’s like a nightmare 

  10. I’d like to know how to connect my printer to my laptop, I’m not familiar
    with it. I’ve had a PC for a while connected to it. Now that I have a
    laptop, I’d like to know how to connect a printer.

  11. on my startup, i have lots of applications running, many of them from intel
    corporation and TOSHIBA, or TOSHIBA CORPORATION. can these ones be disabled
    or not?


  13. nice tanks

  14. What does defraging your hard drive do to the hard drive?

  15. Don’t defrag if you have a SSD.

  16. thnx

  17. whats a ssd

  18. Is it bad when your fan us running really loudly even though it’s not doing
    anything? It’s only a year old but when I got it it just had Windows 8.
    Ever since I can’t access my hp support assistance or my Windows store. I
    used to use it a lot to. Any suggestions. Free ones would be good. At a
    time I had these scan crap but I got rid of them all. Still my laptop
    pavilion could do a little better. Suggestions please. Thanks.

  19. thx man

  20. Cool thanks I just changed my settings……….however, on the defrag, I
    think it’s automatically defragging. Mine says it was just defragged even
    though I didn’t recently run that.


  22. IT helps in games playing?

  23. Thanks a lot man i really was looking for a video thats lets me do this my
    computer was the slowesr ever now its one of the fastest computers ever and
    for that i want to thank a bunch i dont know how i could ever repay you

    I hope this does you a favor i LIKE AND SUBCRIBED THANKS A BUNCH

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