How to show wifi password on windows 8.1(Connected)

How to show wifi password on windows 8.1(Connected)

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  1. its very very good
    it help me alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyou!!!!

  2. I love the music. Did you play this version?

  3. In the profile name network is not showing then how to get it

  4. thanks alot bro
    good video

  5. very good video… i liked it and it works also :-)

  6. Nice tip. I want to add to it. You can also do it by opening control panel.
    Goto control panel>Network and Sharing Center. On right panel you will see
    Wireless Network Connection(Name of connected wireless network in brackets)
    in blue color. Click on it and it will show you Wireless Network Connection
    Status. In it click on Wireless properties and it will open same Wireless
    Network Properties Box we had in Windows 7. Click on Security tab and show

  7. this was perfect. exactly what i needed. thanks a ton

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  10. great but dude i want to know how to hack it, not connect,

  11. so good

  12. it dont appear

  13. It works . But only on networks you were previously on… Good job

  14. these are some messed up backgrounds you have on your pc now my gawd >.<

  15. its work…….. great ……………….. thanks a lot……………

  16. Fantastisk :) Thanks :D


  18. Why didn’t you login into it

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  20. Thanks. It works great.

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  22. thanks… feeling B6-13 :)

  23. god damn it, didnt work for me i got time warner, use to be able to right

  24. Thanks!

  25. Thanks. This works well. Just don’t know why win8.1 has to hide the
    password -_-

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