How To Share Screen On Skype Windows 8 Or 8.1

How To Share Screen On Skype Windows 8 Or 8.1

How To Share Screens On Skype For Windows 8 Or 8.1 In this video, we will go over how to share screens on Skype for windows 8 or windows 8.1 All you have to do is download Skype desktop on…
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  1. that was so helpful – Thanks a a lot.

  2. I thank you so much dude 

  3. I did this twice but they uploaded the new version on the desktop version.
    What can I do to fix that?

  4. u should update ur skype to the newest version


  6. I can espload karz w1th mi miund 

  7. thank you so much you helped me
    so much just thank you

  8. Brilliant Video Man! I liked and subscribed :) BTW I’m not advertising my
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  9. Thank you so much

  10. This kid, is actually not bad

    +1 Sub :P

  11. Thanks kid you were a big help.

  12. Actually. It looks like I am still stuck. I am using a Microsoft Surface
    8.1 and it doesnt seem to let me run the desktop version. Any suggestions?

  13. Your video should be called “you can’t share screens on windows 8 app
    version – but download the desktop client and you can get all
    functionality”. Its like advertising “How to shoot bullets from a plastic
    toy gun” and then explaining that you need to put the toy gun down and go
    to the gun store, buy a real gun, load it with bullets and then shoot it.

    Real helpful.

  14. thx for the help, spent a while looking for a button that wasnt there XD
    At least this video was!

  15. Thnx helped a lot

  16. thanks man how did you figure this it?!?!

  17. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. THANK YOU!! xD

  19. Helped a lot! #Windows8IsDumb

  20. It was too complicated, I got my dick stuck in the monitor

  21. Dude i cant believe that was how to do… thanks alot dude! :)

  22. thank you bro :)

  23. Do you wanna do mc videos on the pc

  24. subscribe , cuse ur good

  25. thanks bro this helped i was like “wtf why can’t i find the share screen on
    the 8 version” but yeah didn’t realized there was a “skype desktop version”

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