How To Setup Remote Desktop Connection In Windows 8.1 Pro

How To Setup Remote Desktop Connection In Windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. @Minecraft bulletpal Yep!!

  2. is my computer the only one that doesn’t have the “Remote Desktop” section
    at 1:26 ?

  3. 1:23 – I don’t have that bottom section. I downloaded the app and I’m
    running Windows 8.1. What do I do?

  4. misleading title, this is on windows 8, and the tutorial is supposedly for

  5. Good video Rakshith. Can you please tell me which video capturing program
    you used to create your video?

  6. I’m kind of interested in how all of this works, why do we put those IPs
    that you show us into the settings?

  7. By looking at your desktop icons it looks like Camtasia Studio 8 or BSR
    Screen recorder 6…am I correct?

  8. Lots of bullshits on the net….This one just worked..
    Thank you very much

  9. This only works on computers on the same network… this is useless

  10. How To Setup Remote Desktop Connection In Windows 8.1 Pro

  11. can i connect win 8.1 pro with win 8 pro?

  12. mine doesnt have the remote desktop at the bottom either

  13. @Minecraft bulletpal I have the same issue. Dunno if its hampering me in
    trying to get this app to work.

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