How to set up Apps Corner on Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1

How to set up Apps Corner on Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1

Apps Corner is one of the new features that Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 brings. In a nutshell, it lets you set up a custom Start screen on your device, where you …
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  1. So.. It’s kids corner, but useful?

  2. My phone’s power button doesn’t work and is in apps corner mode, what am I
    supposed to do ? Except for getting it repaired which of course I’ll do

  3. Why does it stuttered/lag when exiting from Apps Corner into the lock
    I though WP doesn’t lag at all, and this is Lumia Icon/930 with snapdragon
    800 !!

  4. All they should have done was allowed the Phone app in Kids Corner and
    rename it to app corner. I really hate the way to launch app
    corner…launching and going back and forth from kids corner was so much
    easier and actually made sense.

  5. That’s a cute woofer great demo video two

  6. Kid’s Corner = Apps Corne

  7. Shit! my phone power button is not functional… my phone has a non
    removable baterry…. oh my T_____T

  8. Why does my settings don’t have apps corner? Please help!!

  9. I did not get Apps Corner in my 8.1 update.. what to do… help me,,,

  10. hello, need help here, i dont know why i dont have apps corner but i do
    have kids corner.
    i opened it then add some apps that others can use in my phone but the
    problem is when i launch the kids corner it cannot be modified because the
    customize tile was not there. so what am i gonna do? thanks in advance

  11. Honestly, while this is a great feature, and I’m sure many will get good
    use out of it, I will probably not be using it since I’m the only one that
    uses my phone. I know that my girlfriend won’t be using it because for
    some reason she is jealous of Cortana…lol

  12. i liked kids corner how you can access swipe right or left from lock screen
    it was so easy :(

  13. What’s the difference between kids corner and apps corner?

  14. Can you put this on lock screen and swipe opposite direction of Kid’s
    Corner to access?

  15. kinda have same function with kid’s corner. hmmm…

  16. Cute dog! 

  17. This seems to be a great feature. Don’t want my two brothers going through
    my phone. Going to setup apps corner today.

  18. thx

  19. My 720 was updated to 8.1 update 1, I followed the procedure but it didn’t
    work..please help

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