How To Screen Shot on Windows Phone 8 ft Nokia Lumia 920

How To Screen Shot on Windows Phone 8 ft Nokia Lumia 920

How To Screen Shot on WP8 ft Nokia Lumia 920 Pick up a Lumia from my Amazon links below!! :) Amazon (UK) – Amazon (USA) –…
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  4. Latest Update: Power Button and the Volume Up button.

  5. What about nokia 900’s??? It don’t work for my phone????

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  10. is it the same at 1020? and great accent!

  11. Thanks, until I saw your video I had been pressing and holding the Start
    button before the pressing the On/Off button: that didn’t work. Seems I
    have to press & hold the On/Off button first then the Start.

  12. How can u do this to Nokia Lumia 800, cuz this doesnt work for 800???

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  14. Droid DNA>Optimus G lol

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