How To Remove Windows 8 Viruses And Spyware – Ep. 6

How To Remove Windows 8 Viruses And Spyware - Ep. 6

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  1. Well my computer doesn’t even open internet explorer or google chrome 

  2. hey Craig hows it going? I have a problem to we’re my google chrome opens
    up to random web sites (and some times to microsoft partner. I hope you
    know who they are) anyways and I want to know. how do I fix this if you can
    help me out that would be great!

  3. I have this virus called zombie news and I can not delete it please help!

  4. Idk how but my computer got the PC speed maximizer what type of virus is it
    ? My computer is really slow will this make it faster ?

  5. i have a virus called the trojan virus please really help!!

  6. My virus always opens my browsers with i start and then its comes up with
    pop ups repair your pc 

  7. I have the most annoying search engine. I read about it but no one has
    anything on how to get rid of it. It’s called My problem? I
    kinda already told you. I CAN’T GET RID OF IT! ;-; I downloaded
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware I got rid of all the Malaware on my computer, but
    that search engine stays put. I don’t know how or why it got there. And I
    didn’t download anything even though viruses cover my computer. It drives
    me insane.

  8. My viruses doesnt let me go in the wep :{

  9. also for everyone else put all your files into a flash drive and use system
    restore and go to factory setting if nothing helps im gonna try this 1st
    cuz getting my computer settings back the way i like it is annoying

  10. I had over 1,000 viruses…. D:

  11. I have a virus called BrowseFox and another one called PUP I searched all
    over the internet but I couldnt find any software that helps removing the
    virus completely :( I hi k im the only one. It makes your computer slower
    :( I have amd a8 6000 something and radeon graphics with 8 gb ram. And its
    slow because of the virus :'(


  13. ive got 700 viruses :0

  14. mine is so bad i went straight to threat scan lol

  15. .,

  16. THANKS VERY MUCH!! Worked perfectly and got rid of all my viruses and now
    my computer is virus free! :)

  17. “security threat detected” so I cancelled the download. thank you anyway.

  18. Can you help me remove a virus called “gorillaprice”

  19. your videos are so helpful fixed my computer thank you cant tell you how
    appreciative i am 

  20. My laptop allows me to watch videos on YouTube but not watch movies online
    anymore. Every time I go to check my youtube notification on the page it
    wont let me. Also it wont let me download anything anymore

  21. How to download without going I. Web

  22. dont trust any other video besides this a guy on youtube made a video to
    help get rid of a virus and i had to download something called “adaware” it
    said it uninstalled something but it ended up downloading a virus called
    adaware so im trying to find the video again so i can warn people not to do
    it because i got a message saying that if i was to try to buy something on
    this comp. my credit card info could be stolen

  23. I’ve tried so many things to fix this adware…The adware is called
    “PirritSuggestor” and when I scan it only can find “Pirrit Updater” but it
    can’t find “Pirrit Suggestor” on my pc. Even manually I can’t find that
    adware program…I don’t want to reset my windows to fix this shit :(

  24. I have Zeus Trojan on my computer. Can you help me get rid of it?

  25. You. I like you
    Thank you
    you saved me $80

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