How to remove virus, adware, and malware on Windows 8 or 8.1 for free

How to remove virus, adware, and malware on Windows 8 or 8.1 for free

This is a Video on how to clean up your Windows 8 machine Like me on Facebook Software; Malwarebytes: CCleaner: …
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  1. HELP I lost my mouse on the screen!!!!

  2. I have optimiser pro too and a fuck load of other shit! 

  3. i got a prob my sound cards and graphic card glitching when ever i move my
    mouse it happens like few hours ago when i was doing my work and whn i
    tried to look at something on YouTube when ever i move mouse the audio and
    video is gliching and my mouse gliches too

  4. Thank you this was so helpful and now my laptop is running so much faster!

  5. Thanks Alot now i cant turn on my sound on my computer

  6. Hey thanks use full information. Gave you thumbs up. God bless. Your a good

  7. Hey thank you soooo much. Followed everything you said step by step, now my
    computers running awesome!!!!! You’re awesome 

  8. I just watched your video and will try all it says, hope it works and will
    let you know and give you a star .

  9. Godsend thank you so much !! This saved my damn life lol had to subscribe 

  10. Thanks Prime, you are the best bro…….My comp is like a virgin right
    now, lol

  11. Thank you so much. You were really good walking through the steps on what
    to do.

  12. This was a wonderful way to walk through getting the cleaners working. I
    know just enough to be dangerous, so this was awesome to have someone to
    walk me through it all step, by step.

  13. dude thank you so much!! like I really need to clean up my computer so I
    can edit my videos and you just helped so much!

  14. You are awesome…thank you so much some how adware got onto my system and
    locked me out of everything. I couldn’t get online all my files were
    missing from file explorer all with having McAfee installed on my system
    and it didn’t catch it. Called McAfee and they wanted to charge me $159 to
    clean it so I did a Google search on my tablet and found your video and I
    am back up and running within an hour!! Thank you, thank you, thank you and
    I will definitely pass your info and site to others!!!

  15. Thanks a lot! This video really helped and now my computer is running
    better than ever

  16. Is it very important to reboot in safe-mode?

  17. Hey thanks bro……good stuff!!

  18. thanks man really helped a lot!

  19. great vid is this how you remove junk files as well thank so much

  20. Thanks it work good 

  21. How do u know worn its in normal mode

  22. Thank you very much super useful and worked like a charm bud thank you 

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