How to record desktop with fraps on windows 8, 8.1

How to record desktop with fraps on windows 8, 8.1

Register here- Download xsplit- Fraps download- Music- Ylvis- what does the fox say (…
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  1. voicecracks aplenty

  2. Silly question, but what is the name of that audio icon program with the
    blue headphones at the bottom. I deleted it and cannot figure out what it

  3. This is soo stupid. Why would you record XSplit using FRAPS if you could
    just record using XSplit. You’re literally running two programs for no

  4. When I record my desktop then watch the video, the video is blinking from
    the video to a black screen and back! Anyone know how to fix this problem?

  5. dude i came to find out why my fraps dont record now, and i get a history
    lesson on the program. can anyone get to the point why a program no longer

  6. u r not helping.

    i still cant record the desktop

  7. I have windows 8.1 and I put the compatibility mode to “Windows 8” and I
    can record all my browsers with Fraps alone; Chrome, Firefox, And Opera.
    Give it a try, and if that doesn’t work, try all the other compatibilities.
    I hope this helps.

  8. it says i have to buy to set the resolution to 1360 x 768 which is my
    screen resolution please help.

  9. Your a life saver!

  10. ok but you record with fraps and not with xsplit?!

  11. It works the same with OBS correct??

  12. just horrible. I bought the program and I can’t even record my desktop?
    Just a throw of money right here. BS 

  13. yo screen trippy

  14. does anyone have a crack?


  16. XSplit cost $. No good :(

  17. is this virus free.

  18. same resolution when im on laptop

  19. Sucky background music!

  20. Very nice theme! :)))
    Theme name? :)

  21. do we have to buy fraps for this to work?

  22. Your registered to fraps as the same one as me 😀 

  23. THANKS DUDE! Your a genius… Subscriber!

  24. um I got xsplit but when I record the screen and when im done it only
    shows the video in a quarter of the screen the rest is black? do you know
    how to help

  25. the colour changes so yellow goes to blue and i cant change it help me :(

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