How to Quit/Close apps from Multitasking Panel in Windows Phone 8

How to Quit/Close apps from Multitasking Panel in Windows Phone 8

Ever wonder how you close out (or quit) the apps in the Windows Phone Multitasking panel? Well, I answer that question in this tutorial video! Questions? Lea…
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  1. Oh nice, I didn’t know how to access the multi-task feature. On my phone, I
    have to hold down the back button for it to appear. 

  2. Those slide to quit, slide to unlock, slide to anything are heavily
    patented and that’s why Microsoft’s not in that game. Apple’s just hit
    Samsung with yet another billion dollar lawsuit! What MS should have done
    was just a simple long hold and slide towards an X and a long hold Back
    button for a kill all feature, that’s not patented yet but maybe I should
    do that LOL

  3. do not block any thing

  4. do not do that

  5. This worked it really got rid of my backround tasks! 

  6. I knew this ages ago

  7. which phone better lumia 820 or HTC 8x? and between lumia 520620 vs HTC
    8S? which i should buy? and why

  8. aiden is all knowing said it right…press the back,button quickly a few
    times and it works!

  9. *Ever wondered how to quit/close apps on a Windows phone?*

    #windowsphone #windows8 

  10. xD

  11. Pushing the back button a bunch closes the apps. It’s the easiest way,
    spread the word.

  12. I just realised how good my iPhone is, windows phone is just an absolutely

  13. Microsoft badly needs this. and thank you!

  14. thank u very much it helped me with my lumia 720..

  15. I just spam the back bar

  16. sad eyes.. =/

  17. What everyone seems to have missed is that the “multitasking” in Windows
    Phone is not a true multi-tasking. Everuthing you see in the “multitasking”
    menu isn’t active at all in the background. It doesn’t use processor or
    battery to keep them there. It’s called a “tombstone” mode. It’s
    understandable, we see images of previous apps, so we think, naturally,
    that it is still open and use ressources, but it is not. Closing them does
    NOTHING, except clearing the view.

  18. i didnt know dis

  19. thankS!

  20. thanx bro helped me out

  21. Just because it is missing this 1 thing? I had an iphone for 2.5 years and
    a few weeks ago got a lumia 920 and a absolutely love it. It just feels so
    much better, Instead of the outdated UI IOS has.


  23. MS will be adding a way to close apps from task list. There are screenshots
    of a little X for W8Phone blue.

  24. ooooohmygod, THANK YOU

  25. The problem with Microsoft is that they don’t know simplicity…take for example, not intuitive at first but it’s really nice in
    the end.

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